Zoolander = Excellent DVD!

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    I picked this one up last Friday at a wonderful store here in New York, and I have to say that it is so very nice. Excellent picture (deep, rich blacks, vibrant color, little to no edge enhancement, not much grain). Great sound, with some pans on the 5.1 track. And I have to give kudos to Paramount for their treatment of this very funny film. It has a good amount of special features (haven't had a chance to listen to the commentary yet, but everything else, down to the menus hosted by Derek Zoolander are very good and entertaining). A long outtake reel is also included, which mainly has people breaking character and laughing (like when Jerry Stiller grabs a woman's butt). Anyway, good work, Paramount!
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    To paraphrase Derek Zoolander:
    "Don't you know this DVD is be really really, really really really goodlooking?"
    A VERY guilty pleasure of mine, it's nice to see Stiller has put together a very nice disc for fans of the film. It's so gleefully stupid and so much fun I can't wait to pick it up.
    PS. I wonder if Zoolander ever saw this DVD in a store:
    "What is this? A Zoolander for ANTS? How can people expect to get Zoolander if I can't even fit inside the package?" [​IMG]

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