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    I need to find a simple system that I can use to monitor about four doors, turn on a few lights and add one motion sensor. My wife and I live in a rented condo so it must be wireless. My wife would be happy with just about anything I put in.

    Two of my wife's brothers use an X10 setup, but after reading a few older posts here I feel it's not the greatest thing to go with. I have an old P120 that I could use if a computer is needed. Some simple home automation capabilities would be cool too just so I can get familiar with the whole automation thing.

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated?


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    Staples is clearing out Home Sentinel 110 units for $10, 210 units for $40, and 410 units for $70 right now if they have them in stock. YMMV and I can't speak as to the quality of their systems.

    Personally, I have no alarm in place (but do have a good insurance policy at replacement cost) and power all of my lighting via X10 modules and motion detectors.

    Home automation, such as drape control and thermostat settings, can get very expensive b/c the modules are priced ridiculously high. If you stick with lighting though, you should be able to control a 2 bedroom appartment for under $100 (under $50 if you hunt and wait).

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