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    I have had several instances where I needed to reinstall Windows on my machine and every time I do, I have to go through the Windows update process.

    My question is, is there a way to create my own Windows installation disk with all the updates included?
  2. Jeff Lehr

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    You could do a fresh install with all the updates and any other programs to get a base install and then use Norton Ghost to image your hard drive and copy it to a CD.
    Then, instead of having to go through the entire Windows install process all over again, you'd be able to just copy that image back onto your hard drive. A lot faster and more efficient if you do a lot of re-installing of Windows.
    Norton Ghost
  3. Rob Gillespie

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    Jeff's idea is a good one and is something I do myself. I prefer Drive Image to Ghost (which has one very big NTFS limitation and a stupid 'security' feature) but the principle is the same.
    When installing the various versions of Windows I run, I take an image at a few different stages. For example:
    Basic Windows installation.
    Basic installation + latest service pack (W2K)
    Above + drivers
    Above + basic apps
    Full apps install
    That said, Microsoft release so many online updates that you're never going to be fully up to date. You could instead download and save the updates and just apply. The download site for W2K is:

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