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  1. Tony Bensley

    Transferring Files From Old Main OS SSD To New OS SSD

    Recently, I’ve ordered a Kuesuny 480GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD SATA Drive to replace my existing Main Drive 240 GB Kingston SSD, which recently reached 0% Health Status and can no longer have a Read/Fix CHKDSK scan performed. As I have files on the Kingston SSD (Which has the Windows 10...
  2. Tony Bensley

    DVD Drive On PC Laptop No Longer Opens Without Paperclip Trick!

    Last night, on the DVD Drive of my 10 year old Acer PC Laptop, I put in a DVD from the PD SHIRLEY TEMPLE & FRIENDS set by Echo Bridge. The reason I mention this is as soon as I put in the disc, the DVD Drive started getting rather noisy. Also, about 2 minutes into the disc (I was playing DORA'S...
  3. Tony Bensley

    Groove Music App Is Now Totally Useless! What Other Free PC Based Music Apps Are There For Windows 10?

    Today, I just noticed that my mp3 music files will no longer play on the Groove Music app I've been using for the last several years. I actually did uninstall the above app earlier this afternoon. However, when I entered the Microsoft store to install a standard Windows Media Player app, it...
  4. Tony Bensley

    HDMI connection to TV for PC Laptop keeps failing!

    A few days ago, my 32 inch Toshiba TV started periodically losing the video signal from my Acer PC Laptop, which is connected via HDMI from both ends. What has been consistent is each time I lift the lid on my PC Laptop, my TV starts receiving the HDMI signal again. When my TV stopped picking...