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  1. Tony Bensley

    Cyberlink PowerDVD 22: Do Blu-ray Playback and Blu-ray Disc Menu Functions Remain after 30 Day Free Trial Period Ends?

    Much to my chagrin, over the weekend, I discovered that the shorts on my LAUREL & HARDY YEAR ONE Blu-ray set will not play properly without Disc Menu access, which leaves out my free Leawo Blu-ray player as an option for playing these on my PC setup! Yesterday, I seemingly found a solution in...
  2. Tony Bensley

    Groove Music App Is Now Totally Useless! What Other Free PC Based Music Apps Are There For Windows 10?

    Today, I just noticed that my mp3 music files will no longer play on the Groove Music app I've been using for the last several years. I actually did uninstall the above app earlier this afternoon. However, when I entered the Microsoft store to install a standard Windows Media Player app, it...
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