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Where is second season of Cheyenne? (1 Viewer)

Jim Bur

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 1, 2006
Cheyenne was one of the all time great western series. Along with Gunsmoke, it is the series that started the trend towards adult westerns on TV.

Warners released season one last year on June 6th. However, as far as I'm aware still no word on if, or when, Season 2 might be released. I notice F Troop, which had a season one boxset released about the same time as Cheyenne last year, has been already announced for a season 2 set.

The Season 1 DVD that came out last year was excellent. However, season 1 was probably not truly representative of the series for a number of reasons.

First, the episodes that originally aired in season one were much shorter than in future seasons, running only around 41 minutes or so, as Warners apparently used the remaining time to do promotions for their then current theatrical releases. In season 2 the episodes increased in length to a more normal running time for an hour length show. I have read some of the reviews from customers on the on line sites such as Amazon, and some of them were complaining about getting shortchanged because they suspect the episodes had been trimmed in length when in fact that was their original length.

Also, in season 1 the theme music was different from the that used in all the other seasons. I believe the familiar Cheyenne theme music began being used in Season 2.

Also, most of the episodes in season one were excellent, however as good as they were, many feel that the series, got even better in the second season, when many of its most renowned epsiodes aired.

I would respectfully ask that Warners give fair consideration to giving this superb ultra high quality western series a second season on DVD. I don't know what the sales figures were for the season 1 set, however as discussed above there may have been many extenuating circumstances that made season 1 not a wholly representative test of the strength of this series.

It would be nice to hear from anyone who has any information or thoughts on if, or when, a second season of Cheynne might be released. Also, this might be a good opportunity for those who want to see a Season 2 to voice their interest. Thanks.

c Jim Bur


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Jan 16, 2006
Jim, I bought the first season set as a gift, but I enjoyed it too while catching a few episodes. I say bring on season two.

Bob Hug

May 19, 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed season 1 (as well as Warner's "TV Favorites" sampler) and would support more seasons of the series.

Jim, while season 1 of "Cheyenne" is uncut, it's not complete in the sense that "Cheyenne" was one part -- the major part -- of a show titled "Warner Brothers Presents" that also included the Warner promotional films that you mentioned. In other words, the "Cheyenne" segment of "Warner Brothers Presents" is complete, but the other segment of the show, the weekly promotional film, is missing. I know this is splitting hairs a bit and, for me, it's not that big a deal, but Warner could have included a few of these as extras on the season 1 release. I'm not sure how many of these promotional films still exist, but four of them do appear on Warner's DVD release of the classic John Wayne film "The Searchers." Not essential, but it would have been nice to recreate the show as it was originally broadcast in 1955 by including a few of these promos.

A good article on "Warner Brothers Presents" can be found here: http://museum.tv/archives/etv/W/html...rnerbrothe.htm

Jim Bur

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 1, 2006

Bob: Thanks for the link to the fascinating "Warner Brothers Presents" article. Cheyenne was clearly a milestone show.

It would have been interesting to have had the 10 minute "Behind the Camera at Warners" segment of each episode. However, I wonder how much extra that would have cost Warners to remaster each of these 10 minute segments to include in the DVD release?

While it would have been nice to have these for extras, I'm grateful that we got the first season of Cheyenne. Since the Cheyenne episodes for the second season, and later seasons. are 10 minutes longer per episode than the first season episodes, I wonder if the added cost for providing those longer episodes on DVD is one of the factors which is holding Warners back from providing a Season two of Cheyenne?

Actually, I think the longer episodes of the second season should be an added incentive for people to purchase a season two boxset. Like I said in my original post, I think that the season two episodes of Cheyenne, which are longer and stronger and contain the familiar theme music, would provide a much fairer test of the strength and marketability of the series.


Jim, I would fully endorse all your comments about Cheyenne & am a little concerned at the absence of an announcement for S2.The series did indeed hit its stride in S2 & 3.

I understand that S1 was delayed from its original street date as WB thought it would do better if released close to fathers day ! So maybe the same thinking prevails.

Some two years ago WB made noises about putting out many of their classic old shows on DVD but all that emerged was Cheyenne.I would have thought that sales were at least respectable & would merit further volumes. Everybody I know who purchased the set was pleased with it.

I'm not too concerned about the 'WB Presents' extras & to be fair S1 did have a nice interview with Clint Walker.

You are correct about the misunderstanding on the episode length & theme, I actually posted a review on Amazon correcting a review about this.There was also some sort of problem with the packaging with some people receiving rental copies which did not help.

At present it appears all the old Warner shows will just rot away in vaults. A little creative marketing such as a 'budget line bare bones' releases of their old shows & maybe a 'best of' box set would surely have some commercial potential. Failing that I am sure they could be licensed to an independent.
As it stands they are not making Warners a penny.


Nov 13, 2006
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Add my voice to the call for a season 2 release.

Ironically, I never liked this show when I was a kid, and now I know why -- it's emotionally and visually sophisticated, and its characters and story lines cater to adult sensibilities. Now it's second only to The Big Valley as my favorite TV western. I want more!

Charles H

Jan 7, 2004
A fascinating observation about the first season: it had pocket remakes of THE TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE, ROCKY MOUNTAIN, ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE, and the Bette Davis/Ida Lupino from the subplots of BORDERTOWN/THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT. Walker was the first of the WB contract tv stars to rebel against quality control, long hours, and bad salaries in the great tradition of Davis and Cagney.

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