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    Dec 8, 2001
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    I'm a semi-high end 2 channel audio person trying to get a grip on the video thang.

    How the heck do I catch up ?

    I would like a new HDTV

    What should I get - 1080i or 480p with doubler?

    Anyone have a good link for me so I can read up?
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    Basically if you are looking for true HD, you want something that will do 720p or 1080i. I have 2 so-called HD ready sets and one will do 1080i and one will down convert to 480p. There are 18 different types of HD signals but the decoders take care of this so you want a TV that can do HD. Then you need to decide whether you want one with a decoder built in or one that is HD ready and get an outboard decoder. Many outboard decoders are also Direct TV receivers as well. There are links out there - try www.hdtv.com.

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