What do you all think of these Swans 6.1?

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Sep 17, 2006
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I found these for sale online. The guy wants $500 for them, there arent a lot of people on here using these, so I was hoping to receive some feedback as to how they sound and what the general opinion is. Can I buy better speakers for $500 than these? I will be using a Pioneer VSX1016 receiver with them.


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Dec 11, 2001
For some reason, Swans don't get much attention here. AVSForum seems to have more Swan owners. That said I have no personal experience with them, but am under the impression they are well liked in general & offer a good bang for the buck. Original retail on those was, I believe $700 ish. I wouldn't call $500 a smoking deal, but it is fair if they are in excellent condition.


Mort Corey

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Nov 21, 2003
Check Swan's site linked from this forum and I think you'll find the 6.1's brand new for $350 each.

Michael Saint

Nov 14, 2005
Newegg sells the 6.1 Swans in rosewood for $499 each. The $359 price is for the 6.1 in black cherry veneer.

I don't know what the going price was when they first came out and av123 was selling them.

Patrick D

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Jun 13, 2001
I bought a pair when they first came out. They were $999 on sale for a pair, I think the regular price was something like $1200/pr.

They just didn't do it for me at that price. For $500 a pair, they're not bad unless you start to drift into DIY. The low end is nice, the mids were not razor-sharp thanks to the kevlar mid (I prefer metals myself). Bass/mid-bass was ok. If you like a more laid-back sound these will do it for you. Keep in mind these things are fairly large and heavy also. I would simply prefer more of the design budget from these to have gone into the drivers, and have gotten a flat black square box that sounded better.

Having used a Pioneer 1014, I'm not sure it would really bring out the best in these big towers. They really want a nice beefy pro amp.
The latest 'cool thing' from the China-sourced manufacturers seems to be the X-CS speakers from av123, paired with an X-sub for the low-end. That'd be around $340 each also, and would probably have better low-end and midrange clarity, but I haven't heard them (I have some on order).

If I was you, I'd be torn. On the one hand, $500 for the pair is a nice price for some powerful party speakers. However you really want to push them with more than the receiver. By the time you get better amplification, you could have gotten the X-Series stuff where the subs are powered anyway, and they're brand new. If you already have a sub, then you could probably do better than these, since most of the driverage here is oriented towards thumping, plus you're paying extra for pretty veneer and gold trim.

No matter what, any of it sure does beat the usual junk in the retail stores.

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