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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Andrew_A_Paul, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. I've been playing around with my computer for the last 3 hours and can't figure this out. I'm running XP pro and have been trying to set up users so that I can edit what folders people can look in, what programs they can use, restrictions on windows explorer ect. I was experimenting with a folder and when I change the settings under the security tab to restrict access to "users" it restricts everyone. In the box at the top security tab where is list the groups and users there are admins, my account, creator owner, system, and users. I want to restrict any extra accounts such as guests and regular users. Right now I have two users; myself as an admin, and a limited account. Hope someone can understand what I'm saying and better yet help me out.
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    Your account is probably also part of the Users group. All users in this group would be locked out of a folder if the folder was told to restrict people from the Users group.

    I assume that when you said "restrict access to 'users'" you meant that people in the Users group are not allowed to enter that folder or see anything in the folder. If you meant that ONLY people in the Users group can enter it, then it may be that your admin account is not part of the Users group, OR you told the folder to disable access to anyone who is part of a different group. I can't remember how different the permission system is from Unix, where you'd expect that if an account belongs to any group that has access, then that account will always have access, and not be locked out.
  3. But why is it restricting everyone? It even restriced the default administrator login. I know this because I booted in safe mode and logged in as the admin and I couldn't get into the folder. For some reason 'users' is including every account. I understand why it does this because I'm assuming that 'users' is a broad definition. When I set up several users I create them as limited and these are the accounts I want to restrict access to.

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