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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Jun 24, 2014.

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    It's rather amazing to see how much cloud storage is
    offered to users at no cost.

    Let's start with the big news yesterday that Microsoft's
    OneDrive is offering 15GB of storage FREE to everyone
    who signs up.

    Of course, the quintessential cloud service, DropBox, offers
    2GB of storage standard, and as you sign up friends or opt
    to import photos, that space increases. I believe I am now
    up to 7.5GB.

    Google Drive starts you off with 15GB of data storage at
    no cost.

    And now, as I started using the DP of Yosemite, I have
    access to iCloud, which is offering 5GB of free storage to
    all its users.

    Once you sign up for these various services, you can drag
    their storage folders from your Mac hard drive to your FINDERwhere you can easily access its data.

    On mobile devices you can download individual apps that
    will allow you access to each of your storage accounts. I would
    guess that the only restriction one would have with an Android
    phone or tablet is access to iCloud storage.

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