1. Hi there,

    I am writing from Indonesia (yes, Indonesia!) and am in the process of buying a new TV, mostly for viewing DVDs. In checking out what's available in the states in the Wega line, I suspect what I can get get here is yesterdays technology. Here are the specs of the two TVS.

    the newest model is the:

    . DRC MF (PAL:1250 & Progressive)
    . 3D Digital Comb Filter (NTSC)
    . Digital Comb Filter (PAL)
    . Power VM
    . Intelligent Picture
    . Picture Mode
    . V-Compression (Wide Mode)
    . 3D Noise Reduction
    . DVD Progressive Input
    . 2-3 Pull Down Ready
    . Tru Surround with SRS
    . Intelligent Vol. 2
    . 2 Way Four Speakers

    This one is a year old:

    . TruSurround with SRS
    . DRC-MF (DRC1250 & DRC100)
    . DRC-MF (DRC1050 & DRC Progressive) for NTSC only
    . Digital Comb Filter (PAL)
    . 3D Digital Comb Filter (NTSC)
    . DVD Component Input
    . Intelligent Picture
    . Intelligent Volume (for non-NTSC)
    . Favourite Channel (7 Max)
    . Digital Input
    . Virtual Dolby Digital
    . Child Lock (100 Max)
    . Wide Mode (V-Compression)
    . Virtual Dolby (for ES34M9S only)
    . Speed Search

    These two represent the last two models flat screen models on offer here in Indonesia. HD is not an option at this point here. Digital satellites are also not on offer. Incidentally, Toshiba and Panasonic do have their 100 MHZ TVs here, if you think they are better.

    Incidentally, both cost about the same, around 1700 USD. Wondering what they might cost int he US of A.

    Any thoughts owuld be greatly appreciated!

    Chris in Jakarta
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    they dont have 34 inch diagonal sets in the US
    a 32 would be about $1000; 36 $1200
    The features are very different than Us features

    Whats important...what do you watch the most of?
    Most audio features are useless when you use a receiver...so cross those off.
    When I lived in the UK I could pick up great PAL/NTSC Sony TVs at the US military base for about 50% of the price at a local discount store. If you know anyone who can get on a US army base you might get a great deal.
    good luck
  3. thanks for the pricing info. Unfortunately, no army bases in Indo...

    I'll be watching lots of DVDs on it. Audio is a non issue, as you suspected; I'll have an AV receiver and speakers. So I guess the real issue is which one might be better for DVD play back. The cost is almost dead even.


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