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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Moore Maxx, May 8, 2006.

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    Just read this on another website about the upcoming release of Volume 2.

    Fox Home Entertainment is getting ready for the second year of time travel, Irwin Allen style. The second volume of The Time Tunnel is coming to DVD this summer.

    The four disc set will contain interviews, still galleries, the 1976 made for television movie Time Travelers and the 2002 pilot for the proposed remake of the series which has been making the sci-fi convention circuit as of late.

    On 06/06/06 the DVD will arrive from the past to entertain you in the future.

    Can anyone fill me in on the 1976 TV Movie and the pilot for the 2002 remake?

    Did anyone from the original series appear in either of these projects.

    Never heard of either but am interested in seeing them.

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    I can fill in some of the gaps for you.

    Time Travelers was a made-for-TV movie that also served as a pilot for Irwin Allen's attempt to revive the old time-travel bit as a TV series. Sam Groom, who played Jerry in THE TIME TUNNEL, was one of the two leads in this movie - Tom Halick was the other. The premise of the movie is that Sam Groom's character, a doctor, is pressed into service by Tom Halick (and his governmental-backed group) to go back in time to before the great Chicago fire in an attempt to find a cure for a disease that's running rampant in the present. A doctor in old Chicago, played by Richard Basehart, supposedly had a cure that was lost in the fire. It's a pretty good story from an idea by Rod Serling. Some of the old TIME TUNNEL computer-machines make an appearance too, but there's no big impressive Tunnel apparatus - just a doorway into time.

    The 2002 pilot was an attempt to re-do THE TIME TUNNEL in a modern-day setting, with modern-day special effects, etc. Two of the main leads, with familiar names of Doug Phillips and Toni Newman, were to be played by David Conrad (the husband character in GHOST WHISPERER) and Andrea Roth. None of the old TIME TUNNEL stars were involved, despite some rumors prior to filming that one of them might be. I've not seen this one, so I'm looking forward to it.


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