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Discussion in 'Displays' started by BrianEK, Jan 6, 2004.

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    I don't have a lot of money but want to upgrade my tv since I currently have a $2500 Infinity 5.1 system surrounding a 3yr. old phillips/magnavox 27" tv. I watch tons of dvd's and play a lot of PS2. I'm thinking about buying the Samsung 32" EDTV (model: txn3245fp)since at $649 it's half the price of any HD model in that size($999). I figure a picture from progressive scan dvd or PS2 will look the same on this tv as on an HD set since both are capable of 480P. Is this correct? And also to my knowledge edtv's are capable of displaying a downconverted HD signal at 480P. is that correct as well? I just figure this tv will look awsome w/ dvd's an ps2 and will also be compatable with HD later (when more is available) and i can put the tv in the bedroom later when i get my dream tv. or is there any reason i should go HD right now? and lastly has anyone heard any reviews on this tv? I don't want to buy crap. what do you guys think???
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    I was thinking about this TV as well - I've since decided screw being responsible, I'm getting my 42" Panasonic ED plasma.

    The sets are a little erratic, by all reports, out of the box (apparently quality control issues on the set).

    They have too much red push (which can be corrected in the service menu). Some have blooming problems from minor to severe (where the picture changes size a bit depending on the brightness). Some other problems exist as well out of the box.

    Sets built up until late '03 can have the HD 1080i mode turned on - but with iffy results, as the power supply in
    many of the sets are apparently underpowered for doing HD. If you do get one like this, you've gotten a 32" HD set for dirt cheap. Just beware tinkering with the service menu can void your warranty.

    The word so far seems to be that the newer sets with the 1080i option in the service menu stripped have a lot lower frequency of problems than the earlier, 1080i-hackable sets.

    By all accounts, after a good calibration/tweaking session, the image is excellent if you get a good set. Just a higher frequency of problem sets. Make sure if you do pick it up, get it at Circuit City or somewhere else with an excellent return policy.

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