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    I just sent a copy of this message to Tom@svs but I thought I would go ahead and post it here too just to see what you guys thought. I just recieved my 20-39pc yesterday. I got it hooked up no problem. I dont have an spl meter to calibrate it yet I just did the best I could by ear. I haven't had much time to demo it yet but I did listen to a few cd's and they sound great. I also listened to the matrix scenes that were recommened in the manual and they blew me away. The last thing I demoed was Jurassic Park(DD version). I was demoing the T-rex scene and I heard a noise that I would best describe as a whistling/rattling noise. It wasn't exremely loud but it was noticible. It definetly seemed to be coming from the sub. I am baffled trying to figure out what is the cause of this. I dont think it was anything in the room cause it only did it on this one movie. For the same reason I dont think its the sub because again it was only this one scene I demoed. I thought I had maybe damaged the sub on this last scene, but when I threw on the radio after (heavy bass song) it was fine. The only thing I can come up with is it being the source material. Anybody else notice anything like this in the t-rex scene?
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    Tom's already answered your note. Via e-mail.
    The short version is this, unless you are WAY out of whack in your calibration (possible, since you don't have a SPL meter, please get one!) the sub should NOT be making any such noise.
    You should use it a bit more after more calibration though, and worst case we just send you a new sub. We sometimes get reports of odd noises so we're always hot to get our hands on a real example of a problem (most usually don't pan out, it ends up being something in the room or sometimes a bad driver).
    Since you are in Cleveland we might be able to arrange a very quick exchange. Please e-mail Tom (tech support) with anything else you have tried since this note, and DO get a SPL meter so we can have an idea of what levels we're talking about here.
    We do not want any sub out there performing less than 100%, just need a bit more info before we go chasing down blind alleys.

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