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Dec 5, 2021
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I'm upgrading my living room audio and TV watching experience and could use a little help?

Multi-use, Open Concept Living Room Size:
19 x 25 x 8.75

Music listening is via Tidal streaming and turntable.

I only stream movies from Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max. I have no intention on going Blu-Ray.

50/50 Music/Movies

Current Gear:
Klipsch R15PM Powered Monitors
SVS PB-3000 Sub

Emotiva EMC-2 16 Channel 9.1.6 Processor
Emotiva XPA-9 Gen3 9 Channel Amplifier

SVS Prime Pinnacle Floor Standers
SVS Ultra Center
SVS PB-3000 Sub(dual)
Rear Speakers ?
Overhead speakers?

And now for the questions:

1. Is it worth the investment to purchase a mid to high end AVR (Processor/AMP) if I'm only going to use it to listen to music and stream movies?
2. Is 7.1.4 overkill for only streaming movies from Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max?
3. Am I looking at this all wrong?
4. Am I asking the wrong questions?
5. Am I missing anything?



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Jul 2, 2002
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The Emotiva amplification equipment you're looking at is probably a two or three level jump from what you have now.
In my opinion, how much that's necessary/worth it is driven by your affinity for music, not video. I say that for two reasons: (1) on the video side, I don't believe that any streaming services are providing DTS and you're not interested in discs, so the value of the Emotiva expenditures is limited for movies. (2) For music, Tidal does provide HD audio. So if you went with Tidal for the audio quality then I'd say you're on the right track. Also, if you're streaming from local HD files that would warrant high-end separates.

One advantage to the those major brands is they offer apps for direct streaming. I know I like Yamaha's MusicCast for directly streaming from Tidal from my phone/tablet.

You have a large room, so if you like to crank it up the separate amp will be nice; if you don't crank it much, then you'd probably be good with one of the high-end products from the likes of Yamaha/Denon/Marantz. They can drive the SVS's nicely for a lot less.

For overhead/Atmos and surrounds/rears I'd stick with SVS, or within the same line of whatever you wind up getting.

For a room that size, look into room treatments too. I'm not as familiar, so I can't offer advice except to be aware that it might be necessary

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