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SVS 16-46CS+ combo review (1 Viewer)

Marcus Lewis

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 27, 2001
Hi Guys,
I'll try to keep this short and sweet for those who are considering getting a sub, but are confused by the many offerings out there.
I just got my 2nd 16-46CS+ today and I've been working the behind off my system since I got home and set it up. I have a Rotel RSX-965 receiver (75w RMS per channel), a Samson S1000, dual 16-46CS+ SVS subs, Toshiba DVD, Xbox and POS speakers that will soon be replaced (looks like Axioms at this point) ...
Now Tom, Erik and Ron know that I'm all the way in Trinidad, so certain things are not easily available, SPL meters being the most outstanding item at this point. Hence calibration is done by ear .. When I first got my amp and SVS, all was not rosy. I have a small room < 2000 cubic feet, but on very bass heavy tracks, I'd induce clacking on my SVS.
This is due to the insane volume levels I like to listen/watch at and likely, poor calibration. I went with the 16-46+ mainly because I wanted the most impact for HT and it's the lowest frequencies that you feel, more than the ones your hear that IMHO, create the best impact for HT. Too, the Ultra is unfortunately to much mula for me and I have to deal with a 40% duty on imported items.
However, I digress ... Whenever I really cranked my system to the preferred levels for movies/music I was constantly looking for the amp clipping ... very distracting ... Or I had to set the sub levels lower than I preferred...
So I figure why not order the 2nd sub and get some extra headroom? Well let me tell you, 2 SVS's are and entirely different beast from just 1!
This time calibration was a snap, I hooked up everything and set the subs to min on my receiver. I stick in the Haunting DVD ... Set the volume to my preferred setting ...
Now I live in a concrete house, my HT room is my bedroom, so it's crowded, cluttered, and carpeted. Big windows on one side, but they are permanently shut now.
With music cranked, the pictures on the wall in the nest room were jumping, no lie, no exaggeration ... Remember this house is entirely concrete.
With the Haunting, the chandelier's were rattling outside, my bedroom door was shaking ... It was just awesome ... ;)
There's no clipping or clacking now, even when I push the system till my ears hurt ... I'm the type of guy that blows tweeters once a month ... :b
The weird thing is, the bass from the SVS really doesn't sound loud, because it's so clean and there's so little distortion that you don't realize how loud it is till you go outside and realise how loud it is out there, or just view the special effects to the environment while the Haunting is on, lol
I purchased these subs, unseen and unheard with the HIGHEST expectations ... To say I'm completely blown away would be an accurate description! I shall now attend to inviting friends over to experience the absolute madness that is SVS.

Tom Vodhanel

Senior HTF Member
Sep 4, 1998
I'm glad the second CS+ finally made it Marcus,I know you had to wait a bit because we waiting on the next CS+ driver shipment.
Now, let's hope Halo2 has killer audio that pushes the twin CS+ subs to their limits :)
I would experiment with placement as time allows too, and do eventually calibrate. Running way hot is fun for a while...but most SVS customers seem to settle in on a 0 to +3dB range(using the RS meter). A lot depends on how loud you like to listen to action oriented DVDs though.(the lower the master volume...the more likely a little hot on the subs will sound more natural to you I think.)

Marcus Lewis

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 27, 2001
Hello my friend,
Unfortunately, my setup is in my bedroom, so with the subs in one corner the bed in another, my pc setup in the third and a bookshelf of sorts sort of in the middle, I'm currently tripping over speakers, lol
So for now, there's no place to put them except where they are in the top right corner...
As we speak I'm trying to get an SPL meter imported, but I'm quite happy with the subs set on the minimum for all modes on my receiver as it still sounds a little "hot" and my move watching is always done at insane volumes :b
Ah Halo2 ... Now that's something to look forward too! Look out for Hunter coming soon ... That's supposed to be the next killer app ... Next to Rallisport of couse :emoji_thumbsup:

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