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Howard Williams

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Mar 7, 2001
My Home Theater:

Fronts: Klipschorn (Walnut)
Center: Klipsch KLF-C7
Rear Surrounds: Klipsch KSP-S6
Subwoofer: SVS 16-46PCi

Display Device: Mitsubishi WS-73907
DVD Changer: Sony DVP-CX 875P
SACD: Sony DVP-S9000ES
Set Top Box: Sony SAT-HD100
Power Center: Monster HTS2500
Cassette: Sony TC-WR875
CD Changer: Sony DCP-CX205

I'm ready to do some upgrades. I'll be ordering the ALK type A crossovers for the Khorns very soon, replacing the CX875P DVD changer with a Sony DVP-CX777ES, so now I need some feedback on what AVR or even separates you guys & gals would suggest based on my budget, my equipment and my preferences.

I'm really leaning towards the Sony STR-DA5000ES or Sony's flagship, the STR-DA9000ES. I work there so I get a "decent" discount on some of our stuff. I have a real hard time justifying the cost differential vs. features for the STR-DA9000ES. 3 times more for things I don't think are worth it. So why would I even consider it? Well to be honest, I'm kinda a sucker for flagships.

Since the reciever is the heart of any HT, I'm willing to spend a few bucks for a nice unit. I'm not rich and I'm value minded. The rule of diminished returns (I think that's what it's called) is always on my mind before I make a purchase. I'm willing to spend up to $2500 for something very nice but ideally I want to spend less ($1000-$1800). My level of audio sophistication is low to middle. So as usual, I ask more experienced people for advice on whats good, what to stay away from, how much to expect to pay and where to buy from. Basically, I want to take advantage of peoples knowledge and experience and avoid any major mistakes.

This unit will be primarily for 5.1 HT (~70%) and some 2.1 audio (~30%) but I do want to explore 5.1 audio and multichannel SACD. I listen mostly to R&B, Jazz and Pop at about -45dB to -35dB. I hear a lot of talk about Denon, HK, B&K, Sony and lately everyone on this forum was very excited about separates from Emotiva for ~$1200 coming out next year. I never heard of Emotiva until last week. I have not ruled out Tubes or separates so please include them. I plan to buy something before Thanksgiving.

Let's see, I can't think of anything else you may need to know. I appreicate anything you offer. Please include model. Where to buy suggestions are appreciated but I think I know the most common ones already and I have 1 or 2 favorites myself.

Thanxxx in advance.


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Feb 18, 2003
You could use the 4ES preouts to drive a 3 channel power amplifier. The 4ES should have more than enough power to handle the remaining speakers, especially those highly efficient Klipsch speakers. The only thing the 4ES does not have is PLIIx, on the other hand its bass management capability is superior to similarly priced receivers.

Randy C Sr

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Oct 3, 2004
Look at B&K 507 Receiver or Ref 50 Pre/Pro Amp if you want separates. It is also going to be released with a version 2 very soon. I have a version 1 Ref 50 and will probably have it upgraded when the upgrade is available. You can get a version 1 Ref 50 for $1899 (was $2999) or less. I think the AV 507 is around $2499 (was $3499). I would expect the version 2's to go back up atleast $1000 to where they were. B&K's are upgradable.

Sony is nice but when I was making my decision I found a listening room that had both the Sony ES and B&K in the same room (Tweeter) and spent about 2 hours making comparisons. The B&K hard more depth and detail in sound quality. The Sony had more features like Surround Sound Effects which I didn't need. I know it's tough for you not to go Sony if you get a discount, but really do your research and some serious listening before you make an upgrade purchase.

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