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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Matthew Will, Jun 1, 2003.

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    I am still confused about resolutions. Compare the Dell 3200mp to the 2100mp. The 3200 has a native resolution of 1024X768 while the 2100 is 800X600. These are their native resolutions meaning everything will be scaled to fit that resolution. Both projectors support 720p and 1080i. So my question is:

    1. If I hook up a Bravo D1 DVD player with DVI output to both projectors, will I notice a much sharper image in the 3200 or will both images be the same? Since all scaling is done outside the projector would it matter what the projectors resolution is?

    I am so lost on what I should do. The 2100mp can be had for under $1000 but the 3200mp will cost me about $1400-$1500. What should I do? Matt

    P.S. - Are there any other DLP's in this range that can compete with these that I haven't considered?
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    Neil Joseph
    This Bravo DVD player with DVI out is one of the few DVD players that has this feature. Each projector will scale the DVI input to it's native resolution, 800x600 for the Dell 2100MP and 1024x768 for the Dell 3200MP. Since the Bravo can deliver its output via the DVI, it will have to undergo less D/A conversion resulting in an image that will be better than if delivered in the traditional manner. Therefore, go for the 3200 if you can swing it because of the higher resolution.

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