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Apr 7, 2003
Ok guys, this is my first post here, so go easy on me.

I'm moving into a new apartment and just purchased the majority of my home theater equipment and am looking forward to set it up. The equipment that I have follows:

Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver
Onkyo SKS-HT500 Speaker Set
Onkyo SKB-100 Surround Back Speaker
Sony DVP-NS725P DVD Player
Panasonic 22" TV El-crapo model

Now, me real question is about speaker placement. Chances are that because of the limited space that my couch will be backed directly up to one of the walls, not leaving enough room for the speakers. I haven't purchased any mounting hardware, stands, etc, since I wanted to see what was recommended first.

This is the layout of the apartment with the stereo going in the living room:

Thanks in advance for the advice!

Also, I'm looking to buy a TV in the next year and planning on spending around $3,000 (graduating from college) I've been looking at the Sony KP-57WV700, any suggestions?



Stunt Coordinator
Mar 3, 2003
Welcome to the forum Charles. If it were me I would but the TV and equipment on the west wall (assuming the top of the page is north). Get stands for your fronts. Place they like so (/ ). Is the centershielded? If so put it on top of your el-crapo model LOL. Then I would buy wall brackets and mount your rears over the couch. Of course you will have speaker cable showing. If you don't want that buy stands for the rears as well. If you go with the stands put SR in the east corner, and SL at the end of the east wall. Angle them at 45 degrees, (/ ) sorta like that. Ummm did that come with a sub? I'll assume it did. To find out the best place to put your sub. Put it where ever you will be sitting. Then play some bass heavy music, walk around your room. Where ever the bass is loudest, place sub there. I think that does it... It is up to you if you want your speakers hanging or on stands. Me...I prefer them on stands. But I also don't know how much furnature you have. Good luck. Oh yeah if you don't have one already go to Radio Shack and buy yourself a SPL meter. Best 30 bucks I've spent. Use it to adjust your speaker levels to 75 db on C wieghting and slow. Hope this helps. Welcome and good luck. Mike D

Todd K

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Oct 21, 2001
Seems like an ample sized apartment. I agree with what Mike said. My couch in my apt. is against the wall and the surround effect is still pretty good. You can run the speaker wires along the base of the north wall, or perhaps underneath an area rug if you're using one.

Depending on conditions you might also be able to switch sides with the couch and TV. It would depend on how much rrom there is and how the traffic flows, and if you have other seating furniture besides the couch.

You could be in a lot worse situations, it looks like you have opportunity for good symmetry with the speaker placements.

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