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    I've got a B&W CC6 S2 center speaker going on a Sony 36" TV which will be here on Friday. The top of the TV is not flat. Has anyone dealt with the problem of placing the speaker on a TV like this? The speaker footprint is just under 18x11 (17.7x10.8) and weighs 14 lbs. I have the Sony stand and can't put it under the TV. On top is my only option.
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    Things to be careful of:
    1. On a direct view set the speaker's magnet may degrade the picture quality by magnetizing the picture tube shadow mask. (Large speakers and woofers have magnets that can damage the TV.)
    2. TV cabinets are often made of thin plastic and may warp when something heavy is put on them.
    3. If the speaker is not really stable sitting on top of the TV, it may move slightly due to sound vibrations and fall of when you are least expecting it.
    You might try using Velcro pads to hold the speaker to the TV, but this is to hold it steady, not help carry the weight.
    You could make or find a bookcase that has, or can be assembled to have, a large square arch under which the TV sits, and the speaker is several inches above the top of the TV to prevent magnetizing problems.
    Other video hints: http://members.aol.com/ajaynejr/video.htm
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