Sony SA-WM40: What's the big deal?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Rory Buszka, Oct 27, 2002.

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    Jun 5, 2002
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    I have a friend with a Sony SA-WM40. It kind of looks to me like a TV with no screen, just a grille. It is nice and compact for a 12" sub, but it does not go loud and low and when it's turned up I can hear its amplifier limiting the output so that $10 woofer doesn't fry. My 1st-gen BPD1001 positively OWNS that thing in terms of actual low output at normal listening volumes. It has much longer excursion, which I find to be a lot better for reaching down low, but it does seem to be a bit flabby in the below-20 range at higher volumes (but its Fs is 18.2 Hz so a lot of its troubles only happen very near the driver's resonance.) The only time I have been able to bottom out the 1001 on 150-watts is with a sinewave, which really gets the amplifier heated up and never really shows up much in movies anyway.
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    Just what is your point?
    Being that you are a DIYer, you should understand the comprimises used by mass marketed consumer subs, especialy in the lower dollar class.
    There is no question that your 10" Blue Print driver is in a different class compared to the 10-dollar 12" driver in the Sony as you put it.
    Dollar for dollar a properly designed and built DIY sub will always win out over the mass market unit. I belive you clearly understand that already.
    I don't own a Sony-40, but at it price point, around 160.00 smackers, it serves many very well.
    When you take into consideration that you take home a finished encloser, on board amplifier, and driver that has been touted here to be the low dollar price to performance winner, many would consider that to be a good deal...
    Maybe your point was that you where expecting more than you heard once you finally listend to the Sony-40 and was less than impressed....
    To be EXPECTED I would think when comparing what your comparing.
    To make it more interesting & fair, see what you can "build" thats powered and complete for 160.00 bucks. Yes it still could be done (DIY), but things begin to get limited in your choices in a hurry for your componets to build this completly finished powered sub. Now don't they. [​IMG]
    If I've miss-understood your point, which I still am not sure what it is, please straighten me out here...

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