Sony HDX 285 set-up and help needed

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    I got the Sony Bravia HDX-285 home theater system for Christmas and it looks like a decent system for my purposes. I am looking for the best way to set it up with the other components I have. Here is a list of things needed to be hooked up.

    Sony Bravia LCD tv
    Play Station 3
    Sony Bravia home theater system
    Scientific Atlantc HD cable box

    Right now I have the PS3 hooked to the tv using HDMI cable
    the cable box hooked to the tv using the RGB Y/Pb/Pr cables and RCA cables for sound
    the home theater system hooked to the tv using HDMI cable
    the tv hooking to the receiver using optical cable.

    It sounds good but I have to have the receiver volume just about on MAX for it to be loud enough to really hear everything. Even the tv got a lot quieter using the RCA's. I am just wondering if I have it set-up poorly or there is an adjustment I need to make in the receiver to make it sound better. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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    In order to get digital surround sound from the PS3 and Cable box, you need to send the audio signal from each source directly to the Bravia system. Your TV will not pass the digital audio from those devices OUT to the reciever. It downmixes the signals to stereo. The Bravia should have one coaxial digital input and one optical digital input on the back.

    The video connections are good the way you have them:
    - PS3 --> TV via HDMI
    - Cable --> TV via Component
    - Bravia --> TV via HDMI

    For audio, do this:
    - PS3 --> Bravia Home Theater via digital coaxial or optical
    - Cable --> Bravia Home Theater via digital coaxial or optical

    You may need to go into the setup menu of the PS3 to make sure it's sending the audio out on the optical/coaxial cable (I'm not familiar with the specifics of the PS3).

    When you change inputs on the TV, you'll need to change inputs on the Home theater to match.

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