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So many consoles... so little money (1 Viewer)

Leslie Wall

Aug 22, 2001
The great debate here and among gamers everywhere seems to be "Which company is going to come out on top in the console war? "
Does it really matter ? Other than to the companies who make the most money and are able to continue to offer good solid games to US ... the gaming consumers ?
We are all unique and we each have different tastes. That is what makes the console wars so interesting. Before I met my current sig other... all I owned was a Sega Genesis, a Game Boy and a Playstation. Why ? Because those systems offered what I was interested in as a gamer. Now I have almost every system that has been on the market in the past because my sig other is a " hard core gamer " in my opinion.
What I want to see the companies offer us is quality games, existing titles that have proven to be fan favs to continue... such as Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Wipeout, Need for Speed, Soul Blade and Calibur for example.
Take Pokemon for instance.... I like it. A lot of people don't. BUT ..... if Nintendo continues to just revamp the old formula with little tweaks and bows and ribbons here and there, I am going to lose interest pretty quickly. I mean how many colors in the rainbow are they going to put out without changing the game ? They improved it greatly from Red/Blue to Gold/Silver.... now I want something new, or I will move on.
I myself want systems to give me games that are going to make me WANT to own the next installment of the story. Like Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2 is looming on the horizon and I can't wait to get my hands on it and turn out the lights and creep myself out again.
If XBox was going to be the system that has the titles I am interested in, then that would be my first purchase choice. If GameCube has the most titles that appeal to my gaming taste then I would go with Game Cube. If I won the lottery than the point would be totally moot.... I would buy them all. But I did not win the lottery, so my choices are going to be based on who has what I want to play.
All the extra bells and whistles are just that for me. How many DVD players do I need to have ? Right now we have a DVD player and a PS2. The fact that I can take my PS2 over to someones house and set it up and watch DVD's with them is nice, but if they don't have a home theatre system, then the experience is not the same as I have at home. So.... big deal on the sound. It is great to have once you have heard it, but for those uninformed people who don't ... they do not know what they are missing so, they do not miss it.
Will I own all the consoles coming out ? Yes, in time. I just hope that with all the fantastic specs that are being thrown around in offering, that what happened to the Dreamcast does not happen again. The loss of Sega in the console war is a sad thing. Sega has in the past given us gamers cutting edge games and consoles only to yank the carpet out from under us again and again. I hope the market for DC games does not dry up. It is still a great system that has a lot to offer.
No matter how many new systems and games I buy, there are still those old tried and true favs I will go back and play over and over. That is why I say the winner is going to be US. The gaming consumers who support the companies to keep making quality games WE want to play.

Morgan Jolley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
I agree, except Sega didn't manage their hardware that well. Its their fault they fell out, and I'm happy. I would rather have one less console and more great Sega games across many platforms than one more console and all of Sega's games being stuck on their hardware.

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