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Feb 14, 2016
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Hi Group,
I built a small home theater room recently and have a question regarding sound treatment for a small room. I created six panels using roxul insulation recently and have positioned the panels in the front and rear based on research. It sounds great so far and I'm happy with the sound stage.

QUESTION: I have enough roxul left to create four more panels and I'm trying to decide if its worth creating additional panels for the room or keep it as is. Any suggestions (see pics below)?

I wasn't sure if there was a point of diminishing returns with a room of this size. May I please have you take a look at my pictures below and provide some advice.

The room is setup as a man cave so it doesn't need to pass the wife test. I would like to avoid placing panels on the ceiling because of the short ceiling height.

Here are my room dimensions.
  • 10' x 10' x 7' - I was limited on space so couldn't build a rectangle.
  • I have four panels in the front and two in the rear corners.
  • I do have two guitars hanging up on one of the wall that I take down during movies.

Here is my system specs right now:
  • 5.1 Setup
  • Pioneer FS52 Floorstanding speakers with matching center and surrounds. I was going to upgrade to the Elacs but i can't walk away from these yet. I paid $60 a piece for these and they do sound amazing.
  • The front speakers are almost 2 feet away from the front wall. And the rear surrounds are 6" away from wall.
  • Sunfire 8" Subwoofer (will purchase a 2nd down the road)
  • Pioneer Elite Receiver 120 wpc
  • Samsung Curved HDR TV
I watch an occasional movie but mostly listen to music from just the floorstanding speakers.


Eve Babcock

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Nov 27, 2014
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Eve Babcock
We want to build a similar room for my niece, who's aspiring to be a musician. Glad to see an inspiration from you. Thanks!

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