1. Lostwithout sound

    Pioneer receiver vsx-56ti elite I have to turn on volume up to +12 to even hear it

    there has to be a chip or something in there I can replace and fix it I just don’t know what it is can anybody help me with this …………………signed ………..lost without sound
  2. Sansui 2000X

    Sound bars for the hearing impaired

    Hi all, I’ve got a hearing problem and when I watch TV I have trouble hearing the peoples voices they sound muffled. It seems the background audio and music is as loud as the voices. I’ve been researching sound bars for hearing impaired people, but it seems as if every review is the same. I was...
  3. B

    Ceiling surround sound

    In our new room I want to add a 5.1 surround sound system. I will need ceiling speakers as part of the system. I have a samsung smart tv. I know a system utilizes a center speaker and two front speakers and a subwoofer and two rear speakers and the receiver. I have to have ceiling speakers...
  4. Kruse

    The Sound of Music on 4K Disc?

    Is there still nothing new about what time the Sound of Music will be released on 4K UHD bluray? I wonder why it isn’t possible to find anything at all on the internet since this year is the 55 years anniversary for the movie. Can the reason be that somebody already is aware that the movie...
  5. LeRoy_W

    Denon AVR-2807 has no sound

    I have did a factory reset and even got new speaker wire to test on 2 speakers. I can't hear anything from the tuner aspect and when I do get it to test tone of speakers, there is the blank sound so they are hooked up, but no audio from tuner. Any ideas?
  6. Mark_B

    AGT Sound Issues

    Not sure how many here watch this show, but my wife and I have always found it entertaining. I'm wondering tho, does anybody have sound issues when watching? The trouble is the center channel. I have to turn it up almost 9db for it to sound decent, then the commercial comes on and blasts you out...
  7. E

    Sound system setup

    I have the following set up: Bell fibe receiver and Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player connected to Yamaha RX-V577 AVR which is connected to Samsung UN65F8000AFXZC smart TV all via HDMI cables. I have a 5 speaker set up with no subwoofer. I installed Prime Video app on TV but when I watch that app...
  8. J

    Need to help!!! The subwoofer has some strange sound

    Hi all, I have just bought a new Edifier S350DB speaker. But in some songs, my subwoofer emits some strange sound like rattling sound. The first song that I played "Infinity Ink - Infinity (Dubdogz & Bhaskar Remix) (Bass Boosted)" The second song: "Imany feat...
  9. Johnny Angell

    Sound Insulation

    So I”ve got a new atmos system and love it and love cranking it up. And my wife retreats to the MBR and says crank it down. I am assuming there is no insulation in the interior wall separating the MBR and the LR. If I add insulation blown into that wall from the attic, would it make the MBR...
  10. Steven Weiler

    Xbox One S best settings for sound w/ Sony DH520 receiver.

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to best set my receiver up to work with our Xbox One S. The Xbox is connected to our Sony DH520 receiver via HDMI, and S/PDIF (both from Xbox to receiver). The speaker system is a 5.1 setup, and the HDMI out from the receiver goes to my 1080p Optoma...
  11. F

    Room sound correction

    Hello, I have to arrange a HT in a dedicated room, its dimensions are 19’ 8” x 8’ 6”, but the problem is its height: 6’ 10”... It’s obviously a very reflective environment and you can hear a lot of echoes when you talk because the walls are flat with no objects right now. I want to get a good...
  12. S

    Moved into new home. Building home theater. Bought TV. Need Sound System. Definitive Technology?

    Hey guys, New to the forum. Would love some advice on this. Best Buy Magnolia home theater crew said two 10" standing speakers fron DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY, as well as the front speaker, and two bookcase speakers behind me in corners. Powered by a Denon 9.2 ch receiver. I have attached a...
  13. Ruz-El

    Next Gen Consoles Sound So Boring!

    Just saw this article, and the writer really nails a lot of my thoughts on the PS5/Xbox X machines coming out. Thought it may be of interest to some. *I know, Ladbible for...
  14. Zachman54

    Basic wiring question so I get the best home theater sound

    Hello everyone, looking for some help wiring my new LG Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. I view movies from 3 different sources, ultra Hi-Def Blue Ray DVD player, the latest Roku devise, and my Xfinity cable box. I want to make sure I wire my new Soundbar so I get the best possible audio from each...
  15. Foxman

    B&K Sound CSC-1 Center Channel

    Thoughts on the Crites CSC-1 Center Channel Speaker by B&Ksound The build is solid and the pattern of the build is similar to the Klipsch RC-7, with bigger drivers and front instead of rear ports. The speaker comes unfinished without a grill, but you can purchase the grill and speaker cloth to...
  16. J

    Sub is make static sound

    Hi, I have an Energy subwoofer that is making a static sound, like white noise, when nothing is connected and when connected. It is a powered subwoofer and no other speakers have this sound when hooked up. The Onkyo amp is new and does not produce this sound in any of the other speakers...
  17. T

    Need help updating equipment for new sound formats

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some advice here. I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-49TXI receiver, which I bought quite a number of years ago. I mostly use this for BluRay movies and some streaming. Until recently I've connected a Samsung 3D BluRay Player to the receiver via 7.1 analogue outputs. This has been...
  18. X

    Lip sync issues with new TV & sound bar

    We recently upgraded our home theater system to an OLED TV and sound bar. The problem is chronic lip sync issues. The issue is noticeable on Xfinity cable broadcasts and Apple TV (Amazon & Netflix), though the issue varies from network to network. Some networks, e.g., ABC, are worse than others...
  19. Curry

    Need advice on surround sound on new construction house

    I’m building a house and wanting to have a custom surround sound system built into the ceilings and walls. Any advice on receivers, speakers, and ceiling subs? I don’t really want the sub in the wall or standing by itself. I have a 75” sony tv for the living room. The room is 20’x20’ roughly...
  20. T

    ABC showing of THE SOUND OF MUSIC

    WOW! The entire film shown letterboxed and what looks like a bluray transfer. Its about time.
  21. T


    WOW! SOM letterboxed for the entire movie and what looks like a bluray transfer. Its about time.
  22. E

    Multi-room Bluetooth and sound bar issue

    I am new to this forum and searching (here and google) did not pull up anything close to what I am doing. The original set up is a LG sound bar with Bluetooth sub, connected to Toshiba TV via optical cable. What i am trying to do it have sound out of my sound bar and sub but also have a...
  23. Greg Lovern

    20 Year Old 5.1 Surround Sound System

    I have a ~20 year old 5.1 surround sound system buried in the back of a storage room. It predates HDMI; the receiver's best audio connection is optical. My television set has an optical output (Sanyo FW65R70F). Before I become a human backhoe and go dig it out, any thoughts on whether it would...
  24. C

    Surround sound

    I have an issue that has me stumped. I recently bought a LG TV 75UM80 along with a Yamaha sound bar ATS-1080. I am trying to run those through my Denon receiver AVR-S510BT. The sound bar is hooked into the optical port. I have 5:1 speakers (they are ancient Panasonics and will get replaced...
  25. M

    tv not working with surround sound and other dumb qs

    hi all, im new here, seems like there are a lot of helpful souls out there which is cool to see. hope some1 can help w this. first, here's my setup: tv - samsung LN-T5271F receiver - denon AVR-S540BT set top (verizon) - QIP7100 2 speakers -sony center console and subwoofer, samsung front and...
  26. D

    Need help setting up sound, please

    I have a Sony 65" tv and a Denon AVR-S720W receiver. I plug the cable cord from my wall to my Xfinity cable box. I connect an HDMI line from the cable box to port 2 in my tv (there is no part 1). I then connected an hdmi line from port 3 in my tv to the cable port in my receiver, but no...
  27. S

    Avr x3300 rear sound come from front

    Last week I made update to the Receiver. Now ,when I play sound that is supposed to go to the rear speakers it comes out of the front speakers. I'm connected in Bi-amp Made the test trough YouTube 5.1 test movies. I try trough BD- not works I try trough HDMI ARC - not works I try trough...
  28. Jim*Tod

    Question about 4K compatibility with existing sound system

    This is very preliminary thinking. I am considering an OLED 4K purchase maybe in another year. Currently I have a Panasonic 50" Plasma which still looks great. My sound system uses a Yamaha HTR-3066 amplifier which is five or six years old. At the time it said it would pass an HDMI signal...
  29. C

    Sound bar recommendation

    New guy here with what may be an odd request. I have a Polk bar with Bluetooth satellite speakers in the living room I use for listening to both music and TV/movies. But my concern here is with spoken lines in movies and TV shows. Dialogue in current programming and movies is often overridden...
  30. C

    no sound - I'm at a total loss, please help

    Little rundown..... I have a Denon Receiver AVR-1513. I have an LG 55LN5100 TV At one point, I had my TVCable box, PS3, and DVD player all hooked up. When I changed source, the sound would come through the surround sound speakers, and not through the TV, unless I had the stereo off. Which...
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