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  1. N

    Rustic theater

    I am currently starting my my theater build out it's a small space but it's finally mine and I am av Installer by trade I have been doing it for about 15 years but this will be my first theater of my own with my wife's "permission " the room size is 21x11 it will have a 120" screen I already...
  2. J

    Recommend a gaming setup for my room

    Hello! This is my first post and I have a question at the same time. I am a pro gamer. I want to make my home as home theater. So I am looking for a projector which will deliver best quality picture and at the same time it will provide best performance for gaming. It is really hard for me to...
  3. Rachel Weekes

    Recommend a setup for a small room

    Hi! My first post and my first question here at the same time. I have very small apartment but I’d like to turn my living room into a home theater. The room itself is not bright, I guess it won’t be a problem since I prefer to watch movies in the evening. No screen at the moment so I’m planning...
  4. Goos

    Small Room | Sound Treatment Placement

    Hi Group, I built a small home theater room recently and have a question regarding sound treatment for a small room. I created six panels using roxul insulation recently and have positioned the panels in the front and rear based on research. It sounds great so far and I'm happy with the sound...
  5. B

    New setup in small room

    As a music-lover first, I now have the following configuration: - Cambridge 651A amp, - Triangle Antal EX floorstanders, - Marantz CD6005 CD player, - Regar Planar 3 turntable. My wife has let me install all this in a room that is approximatively 15m² (3m x 5m). I have succeeded in controlling...
  6. bscriv77

    Small Room Build - Thoughts?

    My wife and I are in the process of moving to a new house which has an entire in-law suite addition on the back of the house with a kitchenette, full bath, living room, and bedroom. I have planned on converting the bedroom to a dedicated home theater. Unfortunately, the size is prohibitive due...
  7. M

    Basement Home Theater....on a budget.

    Hello all, I was looking for ideas on the good old WWW when designing my basement theater. While looking through some projects on here and on Google images, I came across some amazing set ups. Way too amazing. Some home theaters seemed to have 20 foot ceilings, some were as big as the local...
  8. Goos

    $200 Subwoofer Recommendation

    I'm new to the hobby and have a quick question regarding a subwoofer. I have a 110 square foot room with a 5.1 setup with a pioneer elite receiver. My budget is under $200 and I'm looking for a new sub woofer to replace my Sony SA-W2500 I checked amazon and found these options: Sunfire SDS-8...