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Nov 4, 2017
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François Branger
As a music-lover first, I now have the following configuration:
- Cambridge 651A amp,
- Triangle Antal EX floorstanders,
- Marantz CD6005 CD player,
- Regar Planar 3 turntable.

My wife has let me install all this in a room that is approximatively 15m² (3m x 5m). I have succeeded in controlling the quite big floorstanders in this rather small space.

I really want to succeed in having a home theater setup. After listening to the amps that could fit my Antal EX, last week, I purchased a Marantz SR6011 at a bargain price (I found one seller that has not yet the new 6012).

For now, I now then watch movies with this amp, that is linked to the Cambridge amp with the PreOuts of the A/V amp.

My problem now is to find the center speaker and the surround.

- For the center, I think to go with the Triangle Voce EZ, because that would be the most natural choice with my Antal EX floorstanders.

- For the surround, I just can't now what is best. I read several times that bipolar would be better in a small room. The question is then: will they be happy in my configuration? Indeed, it is advised to put them at the sides of the listening positions, but I don't know if it would be far enough from the front speakers (only 6 feet from them, my TV is a 4K 58in Panasonic, so I remain quite close to it to be "surrounded" by the image).
Second problem: I have a staircase that spoils the space of the room, and quite near to the spot where one of the bipolar should be (1 foot). I fear that it "blocks" the sound of it.

Here are some picture of my setup (the speakers have moved a little since them, the exaggerated angle has been also diminished). The problem of the staircase can be seen on the fourth picture:






If you have some piece of advice, I would be glad ;)

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