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Jan 3, 2009
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Hello Community,

I am hoping to get some suggestions on strategic placement of a few acoustic panels and possibly bass traps for my basement home theater area. I have a 7.2.4 setup and have been listening now for the past 6 months. Overall, I am happy with the sound, but also know there is room for improvement in the room acoustics. For example, when we have a lot of people down at the bar area hanging out the conversation can definitely create some reverberations that raise the overall room noise level. I am planning to add a game table / chairs in one of the open spaces to keep trying to fill in the space a bit. The clap test does produce some reverb, which I am hoping to bring down some with acoustic treatments.

I will preface by saying I am not looking to "chase the fractions" or seeking acoustic perfection. I know having an open space is already not ideal, but the layout was more important to me. I am also not looking to put acoustic paneling all over the walls / ceiling both for cost and aesthetic reasons. I am not crazy about the idea of DIY either and prefer to buy a finished product. I am looking to put up some movie posters / photography and am interested in the companies that offer acoustic panels that can be made with art/photo covering instead of adding more reflective surfacing. There is a lot of space behind the listening position and I can't say when I am listening to music / movies that I am noticeably hearing any echoes or distortion, but just part of me knows it is there and I'd like to try to make some improvements.

I am hoping that by providing pictures, I can get some input on where the must-have spaces to cover are which will help with the most prominent reflection points. A few questions / comments:

1) For acoustic panel placement, my early thoughts were the side walls under the side surround speakers, the wall between the two doors (seen on picture titled Looking Right from MLP)....opposite of that would be closet doors which isn't impossible, but not ideal. And possibly behind the towers on the front walls. Appreciate any comments supporting or contradicting this thinking!
2) For bass traps the only corners that would seemingly make sense are the two corners around the closet doors.....would adding two here and not addressing any other corners be worth it? I don't want to create any imbalance in the room, so only want to add bass traps if where I can put them will actually help.
3) I tried to put the rear atmos speakers as far back as possible, but had to deal with a soffit that couldn't be moved. As a result, the rear atmos speakers are on a plane directly overhead of the MLP. Is the corner where the soffit wall meets the ceiling something that needs to be treated? Would that area be a high reflection point?

I am trying to balance acoustic performance vs aesthetics and really appreciate any guidance and suggestions you can provide. Also, if anyone has a preferred company for supplying the acoustic paneling that can apply images, I would appreciate it...Home Theater Seattle is one site I came across.

Thank you!



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