Questions About Wiring For Home Theater

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Brent_N, Aug 31, 2003.

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    I am finishing rough electrical for my home theater, so it is time to run speaker wires.

    * How should the wires ultimately be connected to the speaker?

    A) Terminate the in-wall speaker wire with some sort of receptacle or jack? If so, what sort of connector and wall plate do I need?, or...

    B) Run the wire out of the wall and connect directly to the speaker. If so, what type of wall plate or fitting is typically used to give a nice finished look?

    * What type of wire do I need to run to my sub? I haven't purchased my audio equipment yet, so I have no idea what to use.

    * For speaker wire, is the 12 guage wire from Home Depot a good choice?

    For info... I have the older Paradigm Mini Mk-3 fronts (similar to the Mini Monitor) and CC-300 center channel. I'll also be purchasing Titans for the rears. My receiver will probably be an entry level Onkyo or Denon.

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