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Discussion in 'Displays' started by RussDAL, Nov 26, 2003.

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    Another newbie question here. The TV I have is a GE 27". (I know but we told my father in law we wanted a 27" and he got us the cheapest he could). Anyway I was using the Avia disc to calibrate and was a little confused about some settings. The first video setting, for White Level, I crank my "Picture" setting all the way up and never get "blooming". The white is white though so should I be concerned? Next, I get to the "Saturation and Hue" Test and optimise those, all 4 bars have the same amount of "Blue". The onto the "Color Decoder Test" here is where is gets screwy. According to the disc looking through the blue filter. The "0" on the blue bars should match the background. Right now mine is more like -10% Blue, -15% Green, and +15% Red. The only way to get the Blue "0" to match the background is to really mess up the "Saturation and Hue" settings. So I guess my big question is out of these Test which would be the most important? Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Avia gives very thorough explanations of what these adjustments do and how to adjust them. Not to be overly blunt, but watch and listen again carefully to the explanations, as they tell you what to do pretty well.

    For white level, you want to set it to the point where the white JUST stops being gray and appears white. At at full contrast I'd bet money that your set is blooming. The example they give is somewhat extreme, but if you look closely you can see the scan lines start to blur if you go too high. Again, the idea is NOT to set it as high as possible, but to set it BELOW the point of blooming, and specifically at the point where whites appear white. This SHOULD be well below the point of blooming.

    The color decoder check is just that: a color decoder CHECK. You can't really do much about that unless you have access to the color decoder settings in your display, which I presume you do not. Calibrate using the methods that Avia explains, and you should have a good picture.

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