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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by MarcosArbelo, Oct 31, 2003.

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    First of all I am new to ths forum, stumbled upon it doing a search and let me say I have learned so much in the last couple of days just reading through some of the post. So thank you to the moderators and administrators for accepting my registration here.

    I recently purchased a Denon AVR2802 6.1/7.1 and I am using some old 5 surround speakers I had with an old set up they are pioneer with a passive subwoofer they are old and do not sound that well at all. I want to get the best that I can out of the receiver for a home theatre effect so I am looking to upgrade the speakers.

    My questions are should I buy 5 satellite speakers and two towers to run 7.1 without a sub, or should I get a sub instead of two towers. What are your guy's thought's on theatre sound with towers instead of a sub? Or should I get both.

    Is anybody here running a set up with a Denon, thought's on Denon?

    Can you guy's suggest speaker brand as well I would like to get as close to the best theatre sounding speaker as I can. My budget right now is $1000 dollars for the speakers even though I will probably end up spending more.

    I appologize I am not as techical as some of you so please educate me.

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    Personaly I think you should have a dedicated sub. There is groups that market the no sub setups (definitive technology comes to mind) but IMO they never sound that good.
    You can still get "towers" for your front L/R they just don't have to be the all encompassing "super towers". They should have seperate tweeters and midrange though.

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