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Question on PSB set-up (1 Viewer)


Oct 25, 2003
Hey folks

Been meeting with a local audio guy who's store pushes mainly PSB. I've heard very nice things about the speakers as a line, and quite enjoy the sound, but being realistic, this place is set up so that any speakers would pretty much sound fantastic. Cross-overs, room design, and probably another 2 dozen things I don't even know about going on in the background to ensure the very best sound possible.

Anywho, since I move around a bit, don't own a home, and will be making the best of each place I live while transferring until I'm able to settle down in another 2-3 years, I just wanted to get some feedback on two possible systems I'm thinking about going with, both in value versus competition, as well as versatility and over-all compatability when moving from small-med-large rooms...

Two set-ups I'm looking at(both PSB) are:
(1)a Pair of Image 4T's in front, Image 8C center, Pair of Image 1b's for surround, and an Image Subsonic 6 sub.

(2)a Pair of Image 5T's in front, Image 9C center, Pair of Image 10S's for surround, and an Image Subsonic 6 sub.

(1) retails in at about $1900 and (2) comes in around $2500.

Just out of curiosity, if these are the MSRP's, what price would you think would be apropriate to be asked to pay from a local dealer. Obviously not straight MSRP. The rep stated that while they don't charge full msrp, their pricing falls somewhere inbetween internet pricing and msrp. Just wondering what you folks who've been through the game enough think would be realistic expectations when figuring out my budget?

Next would be your opinion of these choices in general. Whether you think the second set-up offers a nice enough bump in performance, versatility and longevity to warrant the extra $600, or $400 perhaps after more realistic pricing?

Next, I'm wondering what you think about the bi-polar -vs- normal bookshelf for surrounds, and which might offer a better sound?

Finally, and I thank you for your patience wtih my questions, last question is when looking at this price range, would you recommend my auditioning any other speaker set-ups in the same price range that I might get better results from.

I realize sound is a very individual experience, but feedback is always a great way to perhaps open up options I might not come across or think of on my own.

Oh, one last thing if you don't mind, is my current receiver, Denon avr-1700, driving 80w at 5.1 mean, strong enough to power this set-up, or am I looking at a need for an immediate receiver upgrade as well.

Thank you so much for your help and suggestions, and I hope you have a great day!

Dave Z

Seiken Nakama

Feb 17, 1999
You should be able to get the 5t/9c/10s for around 1300.00, and the subsonic 6i for around 500.00 I think for 5 bills, you could definitely find a better sub.
There's been many discussions on bi-pole/di-pole/monopole speakers for surrounds, I think the bi-pole is great compromise between multi-channel music and movies. I'm currently using a pair of 2b's as my surrounds, I also have the 5t/9c setup, and the sound from the 2bs are definitely localized and plan on upgrading eventually to the 10s.

speaker preference is very subjective, you should always try to audition as many brands as possible, I recommend listening to NHT, Paradigm, and Axioms to name a few.

As for power, depending on room size, the denon should be fine, I wouldn't worry about it.

John Robert

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 6, 2003
There is much PSB "b" stock available online. Check out dmc-electronics.com and upscaleaudio.com. The pieces I have seen from them are indistinguishable from "a" stock...


Oct 25, 2003
Hey folks, thanks for the replies. Truly appreciated.

A wonder that buying a home theatre/audio system seems more difficult than purchasing a new automobile. :)

I'm now all over the place on the PSB line alone, from seeing major discount pricing on higher level items than I thought I'd ever be able to afford, or at least not for a while, to trying to figure out how to best fit together what I envision as a full system.

I've got a question now regarding amps, as many of the reviews I've read seem to put particular emphasis on how much the quality improves in response to the level of amp driving the speakers. I've seen an awful lot about integrated amps, but this is currently outside my knowledge base. I guess I'll ask in the amp section of the forums for details, but if anyone has some advice, with particular application to the PSB line, please feel free to post here.

One major thing, also regarding amps, that comes to mind, is am I putting the cart before the horse? Am I getting in a bit deeper than I might want to, too fast? Do I really need to delve into this bit of technology, or am I safe to rely on a good receiver to drive my system until I'm ready to start heading above the $5k level?

Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing more about putting my system and priorities in order!


Sep 14, 2003
There is no hurry for you to rush out and get an amp. Your reciever will do just fine. After you finish your speakers and get bored, then start looking for an amp. There will always be something to buy, no hurry to buy it all now.


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