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    Well, the bottom line is that there are some foreign movies that I like to purchase from England that's not available in the US. They are VHS in PAL format.

    What are my options? Do they sell PAL VCR here in the states and if so, are they expensive? There are places that converts it for you, right? I assume it's pricey too.

    Do I have any other options?

    It sure sucks that there are so many good foreign films we can't watch here in the states.
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    Check this link
    One of my friends bought the AIWA HV-MX100 (don't know where and how much, was a few years ago, could actually be a preceding model) and the other bought EMERSON EWW7070 at Fry's very recently (floor model, $400-$450). My personal perception is that Emerson is better (image quality wise).
    Also, transferring from PAL to NTSC can cost up to $50 per tape, so that's not a good option. I think that a converting VCR is your best option. The only other one is a Multi-System combo (VCR and TV) or a Multi-System VCR and a stand-alone converter -- moneywise would be close to a converting VCR solution, quality-wise -- I don't know. You can check this Google search for more info.
    Hope this helps.

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