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PAL/NTSC Conversion question (1 Viewer)


Jul 5, 2006
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Art Cohen
Greetings all;

This isn't technically a "Home Theater" question but I'm hoping that this is still a good forum for this sort of question. I was directed here from one of my favorite DVD review sites, DVD Beaver (which features lots of reviews of PAL and other non-Region-1 discs).

I recently bought a multi-region DVD player from Toshiba. My primary motivation was (a) to be able to play various PAL discs that I've downloaded or traded with friends (i.e. commercially-unavailable material) on my NTSC TV set and (b) to be able to purchase Region 2 DVDs, mostly of British television material (I'm a big fan of the late playwright Dennis Potter).

Now, I realize that the $60 Toshiba DVD player I bought is not exactly top-of-the-line, but for the material I'm currently interested in (mostly TV-sourced), it seems to do a decent job.

However, I was watching a commercial Region 2/PAL disc from the BBC recently, and noticed something that was a little odd and a little distracting. Periodically, it looked like it was skipping frames as it played back. Someone's movement would "jump ahead", but if I rewound the disc and replayed it (in slow or regular motion) it would look fine.

I haven't watched enough PAL material at this point to know whether this happens on other discs, but I'm wondering if any of you in the HT Forum community have experienced anything like this.

Is it typical of PAL->NTSC conversion?

Is it typical of certain discs?

Is it typical of cheap DVD players?

I've watched a lot of NTSC discs on this player and haven't seen that sort of "skip" on any of them.

Thanks in advance!

Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
On what I have, PAL discs shot on video have an odd frame-speed, making it look like it was shot on film. Stuff that actually is shot on film usually looks normal though.

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