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Oct 6, 2021
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Okay, here's a followup on this topic... I contacted Denon about this issue, and they had me ship the receiver to one of their authorized service centers, at their expense (still under warranty). I sent it to Adam's Electronics, Huntington Beach, CA. I also sent them a USB stick with music on it; the receiver had failed with this specific USB device.

After a couple of days, they called me back; they told me that they had run the unit for 18 hours continuously, with 5.1 speakers connected, and it played flawlessly and did not shut down.

They had also looked at their internal error logger, and there were several "ASO PROTECT PREV" events logged; she said this usually indicates a short, often in speaker connections... They tested all relevant circuits, and found no issues. So for now, they have returned it to us.

At their recommendation, we have converted all of the speaker connections from "bare wires clamped in the speaker connectors", to good-quality banana plugs... that also gave me a chance to verify the red-to-red and black-to-black routing, which we haven't always been conscientious about... I guess it is possible that somewhere among all those bare-wire connections, that we'd had a short somewhere, though we've never gotten this shutdown when using the speakers.

Anyway, we'll see what happens now... in any case, I was quite pleased with Denon support, as well as Adam's Electronics...

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