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    Here is a great way to start a laserdisc collection:

    I have a Pioneer CLD-406 laserdisc player that was manufactured in November of '96. The unit is excellent working condition. It features dual-side play, AC-3 RF output, Optical output (for PCM and DTS), and includes the manual, remote, and original box.

    Add to that...

    A Sony SDP-E800 Dolby Digital Decoder/AC-3 RF demodulator. This piece of equipment is also is excellent condition. The on board decoding isn't the best there is, but I just use the unit as an RF demodulator and run the optical digital out on the unit to my receiver for better dolby digital decoding. The unit includes the remote.

    Add to all of that...

    11 LD titles including...
    (all widescreen)

    Disney's Aladdin
    Back to the Future
    Back to the Future 2 (correctly framed)
    Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    Braveheart (AC3)
    Casper (DTS)
    Heart and Souls (DTS)
    Disney's The Lion King (AC3)
    The Rock (AC3)
    Scream (AC3)
    Twister (AC3)

    *Please note that DTS titles usually run for $30-$40 alone*

    I am asking $400+shipping for the entire bundle.
  2. Sam H

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    Mar 8, 2003
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    I may be interested in Casper if you have not already sold it.
  3. Carl

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    Feb 13, 1999
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    I am interested in the Demod if you are willing to sell it separately.

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