Non-horror Lewton: Mademoiselle Fifi & Youth runs wild

Discussion in 'DVD' started by ReggieW, Oct 11, 2005.

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    After viewing the feature length documentary in the Lewton boxset, I am a bit curious about these other films that were glossed over. Glenn Erickson wrote over at Savant how these interesting films were sort of dismissed as non-essential in the documentary, but they were indeed important in their own right. I would really like to see them eventually released, especially since I now have a new found passion for the recently departed Simone Simon. What a vamp this lady was! I am just hoping to generate some interest in this thread, hopefully enough so that Warner will eventually release these other seldom seen Lewton classics.

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    Some of the guys that were on the extras said that Warner was originally going to include these two films as extras on the box set but apparently the materials are in REALLY bad shape.

    I taped YOUTH RUNS WILD from Turner Classic Movies a month or two ago so I guess people will just have to keep their eyes open for another showing.

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