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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by SportsME23, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Need some help and don't know where to turn. I want to buy a HTIB or a soundbar, but not sure what to get what will fit my needs. Also not sure how to connect everything.
    I just purchased Sharp Aquos LC60LE847U (first off, the picture quality isn't perfect so if anyone has any idea how to fix some settings to improve it, I'd appreciate it).
    I have Xbox 360, Wii, and Apple TV. I want to be able to listen to Apple TV while the TV is on a different input, which leads me to believe that I need a soundbar/HTIB with HDMI inputs? Or does it need a toslink/optical audio input? I'm looking at the Sony HT-CT150 Soundbar (I'm skeptical about soundbars, but I'm hearing good things and it will avoid the wire clutter around the room).
    So I should connect to the TV the soundbar (through HDMI), Xbox (HDMI) and Wii (standard components), and the Apple TV to both the TV (HDMI) and the Soundbar (HDMI)? Will this accomplish what I am trying to do? What are the advantages of having HDMI inputs in a HTIB or Soundbar? I don't have a blu-ray player yet so am open to other ideas, but I'm completely lost.
    Given the vagueness and idiocy in this post, I'm not expecting many replies, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Thanks!
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    Buy or rent a calibration DVD or Blu-ray and follow the instructions. Avia and Digital Video Essentials are the two most popular.
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    You need to figure out what you want first.
    I don't "follow soundbars"...
    But, Yamaha tend to be the best. Yes, you "need" HDMI if you want the soundbar to process anything other than 2.0 sound(cause the only thing that leaves the TV 5.1 is its own internal tuner).
    The "major problem" with soundbars(except for Yamaha) is finding one with tos-link and HDMI both.
    Is your Apple TV a 1 or a 2(and apparently there is a 3???)
    If 1 you also have an analog audio.

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