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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Friend of Bill, Jul 31, 2006.

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    note to self, do not press backspace after "preview post" as it will delete an hours worth of typing.[​IMG]

    First post. Need help connecting and maximizing this system.
    I have no manuals and no cables. No powered sub. No t.v cable or direct t.v. (cable is unavailable, I hear direct t.v. has the best h.d.?

    Currently have:

    H.D. T.V. Sony KV-32XBR400

    Harmon Kardon AVR 55

    Center and two small (5"x5" square) JBL's for center and rear

    Either two very large very old JBL studio monitors (15" woof's) or two 8" older KLH for the fronts.

    So, I basically need to know how to best connect the pieces to maximize sound and video.
    The t.v. has the r.g.b. 3 composite inputs for the dvd and direct t.v. if that is the best for h.d. (no hdmi, but says it can produce 1080i) dont know if I need a hd converter with the direct t.v.?

    Thanks in advance, my original post was much better. (damn backspace anyway.
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    Welcome to the forum Eddie—(I normally write my posts on a word processor in order to avoid similar catastrophes. [​IMG]

    To begin, as a matter of terminology, the inputs on your display are component, not composite. The composite input is the one that is a yellow RCA input (usually used in conjunction with the red/white audio jacks),

    With no cable or satellite, you are limited to Over The Air (OTA) reception, which combined with your display will limit your audio to 2 channel stereo. Your TV should have a red/white audio output pair. Run that to your AVR two channel (red/white) inputs.

    Connect your speakers to the AVR at the indicated points (make sure that you tell the receiver that you don’t have a sub).

    If you get DirectTV (or Dish) you will need a HD receiver. This will have component outputs that you can run diretly to your TV for video and also either an optical 5.1 audio output or digital coax 5.1 output that you should run to your receiver. These satellite HD receivers also allow for an external antenna to be plugged into the receiver, so you can get any local stations that telecast in HD (or SD for that matter).
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    No. DirecTV broadcasts most of their HD channels in "HD Lite". Instead of 1920x1080i, they will use 1280x1080i. It's still an outstanding picture if you have nothing to compare it to.

    We could spends a few paragraphs on satellite and HD but that is better left for the Sources section.


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