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Connection help needed - thought I was a pro - am not. (1 Viewer)


Jul 28, 2010
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Hey guys!

I need some help from this fine community you have going here!

The last time I tinkered with home AV was about 5 years ago.

At that time I set everything up with my PC, AVR + 5.1 setup, PS3 and FRESH NEW 1080p TV, bitstreaming from the PC to the TV over HDMI 1.3, playing games on the PS3, everything running on the TV and 5.1 speakers through the AVR!

It all worked beautifully up until a couple of days ago when I tore everything apart having come into some new gear!

Namely - a PS4 Slim, a UHD TV (LG 55UH661V-ZF) and some new PC components (ASUS GeForce GTX 970 STRIX, Intel i5 4590 CPU), and a 144hz monitor coming soon.

The one thing I haven't replaced is my good ol' AVR - the Yamaha RX-V467, and the Harman Kardon 5.1 speaker setup.

Now - why am I coming to you guys?

I need help connecting everything.

Not the physical connections - I can run cables myself, but how I should set up everything now that my PC monitor and TV have different resolutions, framerates, needs etc.

This is everything I have - visualised:


Now, on to what I want to do:

  1. Game on the TV with the PS4, with sound coming through my 5.1 setup (so decoding of sound done in the AVR)

  2. Stream content to the TV (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Youtube) - in 4K.

  3. Play content from my PC's HDD (mostly 2160p and 1080p .mkvs) - this one is important as (living in Serbia) sometimes that's the only way to get some shows etc.

  4. Game on my PC using the (soon to arrive) 144hz monitor.
  • All the while have all three monitors, PS4, AVR and the TV connected, so no cable fiddling while devices are live.
What is the best way to set everything up, I'm new to HDMI 2.0 (don't have any of those cables), HDR (10 bit at that), HDR Pro (LG's version of 10bit HDR i believe), optical audio out (I know my TV can do it), as well as network streaming - having done all my streaming straight from the PC to the AVR via HDMI 1.3.

Now - everything but the 144Hz monitor I have right now.

The only gear I'm considering buying in the near future being a NAS for network storage, if my TV can stream 2160p from it, a new network router if all of this can be done through WiFi (which I highly doubt), as I've read my new TV has 802.11AC (not N) and (MAYBE) a PS4 Pro to game in 4K on the TV (I wasn't planning on getting a 4K television yet but moving to a new place got me there early).

Neglected to mention - my current internet speed is around 50Mbits, but can go up to 70 or 100 if needed.

Sorry for the super long post, couldn't figure out a way to put it into fewer words, and thanks for any and all help, much appreciated.

TL;DR got new stuff - need setup help and ideas.

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