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Nov 8, 2015
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So folks I think I'm going to start looking at new receivers and wanted some help picking one out. I currently have a Denon 2310ci and I'm looking to replace it. Mainly because I'm interested in getting a 4k TV soon to replace my Samsung PN58C500. I recently bought a Vizio 4k for upstairs just to check it out and I was blown away by the PQ even on the upscaled material. Just looks a lot sharper. I'm assuming I don't really need a new receiver to get 4k upscaling to work if I stuck with my current Denon receiver and just utilized upscaled 1080p content but I know that if I got a 4k TV i'd be all about being able to watch 4k as soon as possible. Just how I am. So i figure I should probably start with a new receiver then work my way to a TV. Part of me is hoping that 4K OLED TVs come down this year to a reasonable price but I'm doubting that so I might have to pull the trigger on something else but that's an entire different conversation.

My current setup:
Denon 2310CI receiver
7.1 speaker configuration

Main uses/points/concerns for receiver not in any priority order
Better GUI for tweaking things
Good for Blu Ray/4k playback (obviously)
Good for Xbox One Gaming
Future proof for a few years anyway
Atmos capable if I want to go that route at some point (7.1.2?)
High quality Audyssey capability (I believe there are different levels?)
At least 5 HDMI inputs
HDCP 2.2 compliant
High quality DAC
4k @ 60Hz (do I care about this? I’ve read the TV should be doing this anyway)
Prefer to be able to update the firmware easily if that’s an option but not a huge deal to me
I do not care about 3D whatsoever if that matters
Don’t really care about wifi or Bluetooth streaming all that much

Not sure what else I should be concerned with but that’s why I’m here. I’m not married to Denon but I do like mine and have had no issues with it whatsoever but a lot changes in 5 years so I’m open to suggestions. Trying to keep the budget $650 or hopefully less. I’ve been seeing the Denon x2200W on sale at Fry’s a lot for $400ish and just haven’t bit the bullet yet. I’m reading thought that the x3200w has better video processing? Anyway, at this starting point in my research I like the x3200w. Any help/info/criticism appreciated. Thanks.

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