New HD Channels in 2004 - More Content Coming!

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by pradike, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Someone had asked me a few weeks ago about speculated new HDTV channels, particularly on DirecTV or Dish. I finally dug up the information he requested. In addition, I assembled (in one place) what I've seen on the "front burner" for HDTV in the months ahead.

    The following information reinforces that there is clearly a push for more HDTV content in 2004, and major investments have been made to achieve it.

    Note this article about Turner Broadcasting's new HDTV investments. There are 7 new potential HD channels here alone:

    Turner invests in new HDTV technology

    ESPN-HD will be greatly expanding its in HD content in 1Q 2004, when their new HDTV facility is completed (estimated March 1).

    Disney supposedly has an investment in HD broadcasting underway.

    Fox will go HD in as much as 60% of its programming fall 2004.

    PBS goes HD nationwide within the next 3-4 months.

    NBC, ABC, CBS all have plans to expand their HD programming in 2004, and have procurred the funding/sponsorship/dollars to do so.

    Both DirecTV and Dish have tentative plans to add 6-15 new HD channels in 2004. New satellites are launching in 2004 & 2005 to allow both of them to expand bandwidth. This will result in both of them having 13-22 total HD channels by the end of next year.

    Haven't hear much on the cable front...they seem to be investing in solidifying their infrastructure, and then play catchup on HD, just like happened in the past - but they'll have more HD as well.

    HD PVRs will be out (Tivo, etc) in 1Q 2004, and will most likely be a hit if they're priced right.

    ANYWAY YOU SLICE IT - within the next year - HDTV will be far more robust, content rich, and mainstream. In the mean time, equipment gets cheaper each day.

    Its a great time to be in the HDTV world, and getting better each day.
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    The plan is going perfectly as... planned. I still wish there was a way to record satellite & cable HDTV signals directly onto your computer. More and more of us are using an HTPC for a PVR/video scaler for our projectors and RPTVs.

    I only plan to go HD again when Conan O'Brien is finally compatible. [​IMG]

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