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    Hi all,

    I've finally received all of the parts for making my first HT sub (I've built many for cars over the years). I'm planning a ~3 cu ft vented enclosure (Adire Alignment) for a DVC 12 powered by a PE250 amp, using a 4" flared port tuned to about 23Hz.

    Last night my wife pulled the plug on my design! I had planned on building the enclosure into one of the lower cabinets of our entertainment center. Apparently, she no longer wants to part with that cabinet.

    So after spending last night re-evaluating the living room, I came up with a low "mission-style" end table. The living room is built on a slab (no basement avail), and there is a second story (next to impossible to use floor joists for mounting).

    My question is: If I make this thing out of 3/4" MDF, with a double layer on the driver/port surface, adequate internal bracing, wood veneer that is stained and clear coated, how much (if at all) will this thing vibrate?

    The reason I ask is that we have a 5 ft, floor standing CD rack in the corner of the room. My plan is to build the sub low and a bit wide, and use it as a stand for the CD rack. Will the sub rattle the CD jewel cases? Will they get rattled off the rack??

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks for your help,
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    Well, it needs to be rigid/massive. I can balance a quarter on edge and play organ music which goes down to 16Hz at 110+dB without it falling over, but they weigh a calculated 250+lbs.
    Build what works best for you and if they rattle, then mount the rack on some turntable isolation feet. If they still rattle, then more than likely the corner pressure waves are doing it and you'll have to move them to some other place in the room, or throw a blanket over them. [​IMG]

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