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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by David_, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. David_

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    Sep 20, 2005
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    HI and thanks for looking over my question:

    I just moved into a new place and want to set up the downstairs with audio and video.

    the room: 14 * 22 with solid walls the tv is in a custom built in and speakers are above the tv, inside the bookcases. I have room for bookshelf speakers, center, and a sub. the speakers i am asking about all fit but i wanted all of you to know that they are enclosed (all but front of course.

    I only need l/c/r and sub. I would also need a reciever and dvd player too.

    here is what i am looking at:

    B&W 602 s3 for l and r
    their center not sure what model number
    their 12 in sub that matches.


    the ascend package with using the larger speakers ($500+) for pair with a middle quality sub

    receiver wise i am wide open but the B&W store is trying to sell me pioneer elite 74 series for 1000. I have also heard great things about denon 3805.

    I am looking for some feedback. I listen mostly to movies but music wise I enjoy Dave Mathews type of music.

    I am looking for some feedback on which one would be the best for the money.

  2. John S

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    Nov 4, 2003
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    I'm always pushing people towards more sub. I would suggest dual 12"'s, or a dual 12" sub, or a 15" sub or larger.

    Pretty big room, I'd opt for more power in an AVR too.

    I have been having great luck with the not so sought after Yamaha 5890 which definetly seems to have more muscle than even the venerable Denon 3805 which I absolutely love. I actually think Denon is a better match with those particular speakers though in all honesty.

    Keep in mind, my goal as an installer is strictly for people to be able to listen at full pay theater type reference volume levels. If you don't listen this loud ever and most people don't, then the Denon is ideal and will sound killer.

    Reference levels are tough on subs, I don't think any single 12" driver is going to cut it for your room at those levels.

    For the least expensive sub solution Qty2 of the $138 Parts Express 12" subs, for the cheapest single driver solution I suggest a Velodyne DLS5000R 15" sub. For a sinlge dual 12" driver sub, I suggest the SVS B-stock PB12-ISD/2 for $799.

    Don't skimp on the sub, it is maybe the most important piece for HT impact, 2nd only to screen size.
  3. MikeNg

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    Jan 22, 2004
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    Another option for an AVR is the HK AVR2005 which can be had for about 9 bills street price. Very efficient amplifier section, and everything I've heard about it says it's a really good performer.

    I agree with John, get a better sub now, and it will serve your HT well. I have a PB12/2-ISD in my 24*15*8 room. Way more headroom than I need so I don't think it'll be a problem filling your room.

  4. Alan Pummill

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    Jul 6, 1999
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    Look at the B&W LCR600 S3 as a center channel to match up with the 602 S3 or in my case the 602.5 S3. It is a step up over the LCR60 S3. Get the best center channel you can for HT. These match up very well!!

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