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    I am nearing completion of my HT system. When I moved back into the States, I had to start from ground zero because I had sold my old Fisher system (which was 12yrs old) when I moved out of country. So over the past year I have aquired a new TV, Speakers, DVD, VCR, Power conditioner,CD Jukebox and now the final piece should arive this Thursday. The componets that I have:
    TV: Sony 36XBR400
    DVD: Sony DVP-S9000ES
    VCR: Sony SLV-M91HF
    CD Jukebox: Sony CDP-M333ES
    Speakers: Paradigm Sudio 100's, CC and 20's
    Receiver: Onkyo 898 (Deliver this Thursday)
    Cables: Liberty speaker(12gauge), audio and video
    Here's the problem. I am renting and I do not have room to hang/stands the 20's.(especially since they are rear ported). I was hoping to have moved out by now but no such luck. Would it hurt the receiver to run just three speakers(LRC)? or should I go and buy a smaller (cheap) pair of rear speakers until I move?
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