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    I received an email recently:

    Your Free Preview Ends Today (January 9th)! We hope you've been enjoying the start of the season and all NBA.TV has to offer. Sign up now to enjoy the full season and receive 10% off for being a loyal NBA fan.

    Visit this week to receive a 10% discount on all packages! Use promo code "FPREVUSR2012".

    *Offer expires January 13th

    I then went to www.NBA.TV and clicked on League Pass: 5 Monthly payments @ $44 and put the promo-code and it was rejected with

    "The promotion code you entered is not valid for the package plan you selected."

    I then send e message to NBA TV Support and got the following answer:

    Thank you for the NBA.TV product feedback.

    The promotion code will not work on the Installment Plan only on the Full Season one time payment plan. If you want to use the promotion code you will need to sign up for the one time payment plan. The statement is correct as it can be used for either package the Installment Plan is a form of payment and the promotion code will not work with this payment plan. If you have any more questions please let us know.

    Thank You
    NBA.TV Support

    I consider this a rip-off. In their email they say:

    "receive a 10% discount on all packages! Use promo code "FPREVUSR2012".

    What is your feeling?
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    The NBA would have to pay me 5 monthly payments of $44 each to get me to watch anymore. I've lost all interest in the sport, which seems to be the general consensus in Michigan right now. I was flipping channels last night and came upon the Pistons game on Fox Sports Detroit. The Palace looked like an empty tomb. There couldn't have been more than 2,500 people there. We get more fans for our local Ontario Hockey League junior team. Considering the long lockout, the NBA should be giving this away in order to get their fans back.

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