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Scott Hart

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Dec 6, 2016
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Scott Hart

AT&T And DIRECTV Offer More 4K Ultra HD MLB Network Showcase Games


AT&T and DIRECTV want to make watching baseball in 4K Ultra HD the new national pastime. For the second year in a row, AT&T1 is bringing DIRECTV customers a strong lineup of MLB Network™ Showcase games, live and in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) on DIRECTV channel 106. The first matchup for DIRECTV 4K customers is between the World Champion Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals on April 4. MLB Network’s Bob Costas, Jim Kaat and Tom Verducci will call the game.

“The DIRECTV and MLB Network 4K team knocked it out of the park last year with extraordinary coverage,” said Dan York, chief content officer, AT&T Entertainment Group.

“We’re bringing the 4K UHD experience back for MLB fans this season, so they can enjoy the games almost as much as if they were there.”

DIRECTV customers with the CHOICE package or higher and compatible 4K UHD equipment can watch up to 25 premier MLB match-ups in the industry’s best picture format.

“Last year’s 4K production with DIRECTV put MLB Network at the forefront of implementing new technology. We’re excited to work together again to elevate our MLB Network Showcase telecasts for DIRECTV customers throughout the 2017 regular season,” said MLB Network President Rob McGlarry.

DIRECTV will air up to 25 MLB Network Showcase games in 4K UHD, starting with the following schedule2:
  • 4/4 – Cubs @ Cardinals
  • 4/12 – Dodgers @ Cubs
  • 4/21 – Nationals @ Mets
  • 4/27 – Yankees @ Red Sox
  • 4/28 – Cubs @ Red Sox

DIRECTV customers need:
  • A Genie HD DVR (model HR54 or later)
  • A DIRECTV 4K Ready TV, or a 4K TV connected to a 4K Genie Mini. Additional & advanced receiver fees apply.
  • DIRECTV CHOICE package or higher, 4K account authorization and a professional installation. For more on getting 4K UHD ready, visit directv.com/4k or call (800) DIRECTV.

DIRECTV was the first multichannel video provider to deliver 4K UHD Video On Demand in November 2014. It was also the first to launch a full-time 4K channel. DIRECTV offers the widest array of live broadcast sports programming in 4K UHD, taking fans closer to the action.

DIRECTV is an established leader in 4K sports coverage with the first 4K broadcast during the Masters, the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship, top UFC events, Major League Baseball, the Rio Summer Olympics, NBA and NCAA basketball.
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Johnny Angell

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Dec 13, 1998
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Johnny Angell
I see a couple of problems for me. I have a choice package so I qualify, but I'd have to get a new 4K receiver. I think their's a good chance I'd get the receiver for free, but there's that new "additional and advanced" fee. Sounds like there could be two monthly fees. And I've got a 1 or 2 TB external HD (can't remember which) running off my receiver. DTV marries that HD to my existing receiver and won't let me hook it up to a new receiver. If I do upgrade, bye bye to the recordings we haven't watched and we are always in arrears in watching programs.

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