NBA Draft 2003

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    Surprised no one started a thread on the NBA Draft last night.

    Of course, Cleveland took Lebron James.

    I was surprised that Chris Bosh was taken 4th. I thought he might slip to around 8 or so. As a GT alumni, I was bummed that he didn't stay in school longer (but with all that money on the table, "yous gots to get while the getting's good").

    Is the NBA becoming *too* international?

    First Round Re-cap

    1. Cleveland -- LeBron James, g-f, St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (Ohio)*
    2. Detroit (from Memphis) -- Darko Milicic, f, Hemofarm Vrsac (Serbia)
    3. Denver -- Carmelo Anthony, f, Syracuse
    4. Toronto -- Chris Bosh, f, Georgia Tech
    5. Miami -- Dwyane Wade, g, Marquette
    6. LA Clippers -- Chris Kaman, c, Central Michigan
    7. Chicago -- Kirk Hinrich, g, Kansas
    8. Milwaukee (from Atlanta) -- T.J. Ford, g, Texas
    9. New York -- Mike Sweetney, f, Georgetown
    10. Washington -- Jarvis Hayes, f, Georgia
    11. Golden State -- Mickael Pietrus, g-f, Pau Orthez (France)
    12. Seattle -- Nick Collison, f, Kansas
    13. Memphis (from Houston) -- Marcus Banks, g, UNLV
    14. Seattle (from Milwaukee) -- Luke Ridnour, g, Oregon
    15. Orlando -- Reece Gaines, g, Louisville
    16. Boston -- Troy Bell, g, Boston College
    17. Phoenix -- Zarko Cabarkapa, f, Buducnost (Serbia)
    18. New Orleans -- David West, f, Xavier
    19. Utah -- Aleksandar Pavlovic, Buducnost (Serbia)
    20. Boston (from Philadelphia) -- Dahntay Jones, f, Duke
    21. Atlanta (from Indiana) -- Boris Diow, f, Pau Orthez (France)
    22. New Jersey -- Zoran Planinic, g, Cibona Zagreb (Croatia)
    23. Portland -- Travis Outlaw, f, Starkville HS (MS)*
    24. LA Lakers -- Brian Cook, f, Illinois
    25. Detroit -- Carlos Delfino, f, Skipper Bologna (Italy)
    26. Minnesota -- Ndudi Ebi, f, Westbury Christian HS (TX)*
    27. Memphis (through Orlando via Sacramento) -- Kendrick Perkins, c, Ozen HS (TX)*
    28. San Antonio -- Leandro Barbosa, g, Bauru Tilibra (Brazil)
    29. Dallas -- Josh Howard, f, Wake Forest

    Second Round Recap

    30. New York -- Maciej Lampe, f, Universidad Comp. (Spain)
    31. Cleveland -- Jason Kapono, f, UCLA
    32. LA Lakers (from Toronto) -- Luke Walton, f, Arizona
    33. Miami -- Jerome Beasley, f, North Dakota
    34. LA Clippers -- Sofoklis Schortsanitis, f, Iraklis (Greece)
    35. Milwaukee (from Memphis) -- Szymon Szewczyk, f, Braunschweig (Germany)
    36. Chicago -- Mario Austin, f, Mississippi State
    37. Atlanta -- Travis Hansen, g, Brigham Young
    38. Washington -- Steve Blake, g, Maryland
    39. New York -- Slavko Vranes, c, Buducnost (Serbia)
    40. Golden State -- Derek Zimmerman, g, Mississippi State
    41. Seattle -- Willie Green, g, Detroit
    42. Orlando -- Zaur Pachulia, f, Ulker (Turkey)
    43. Milwaukee -- Keith Bogans, g, Kentucky
    44. Houston -- Malick Badiane, f, Langen (Germany)
    45. Chicago (from Phoenix) -- Matt Bonner, f, Florida
    46. Denver (from Boston) -- Sani Becirovic, g, Slovenia
    47. Utah -- Maurice Williams, g, Alabama
    48. New Orleans -- James Lang, c, Central Park Christian HS (AL)*
    49. Indiana -- James Jones, f, Miami
    50. Philadelphia -- Paccelis Morlende, g, Dijon (France)
    51. New Jersey -- Kyle Korver, f, Creighton
    52. Toronto (from LA Lakers) -- Remon Van de Hare, c, Spain
    53. Miami (from Detroit) -- Tommy Smith, F, Arizona State
    54. Portland -- Nedzad Simanovic, c, Bosnia
    55. Minnesota -- Rick Rickert, f, Minnesota
    56. Boston (from Sacramento) -- Brandon Hunter, f, Ohio
    57. Dallas -- Xue Yuyang, c, China
    58. Detroit (from San Antonio) -- Andreas Glinaidakis, c, Greece
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    I'm just glad to see my Pacers add yet another 3 to their lineup. Bender, Harrington, Artest, Croshere, and Mercer can't handle that position all by themselves.
  3. Jim_F

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    May 15, 2000
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    Our local team looking very cosmopolitan.
  4. Tim Abbott

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    May 10, 1999
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    Dahntay Jones?????

    Holy cow, somebody make sure that Jerry West is still alive. I'm picturing somebody doing a "Week End at Bernie's" deal while making the picks for him. I don't know, mabye he is still working for the Lakers. Either way he is crazy or a genius.

    As for my Celtics, it looks like their plan is to stockpile all the Kedricks they can (Brown and Perkins). I think thats a great move seeing how well the first one has worked out so far.

    Also, for some very interesting and amusing insights to the draft, check out my man Bill Simmons draft diary:

    Funny stuff.
  5. Scott Merryfield

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    Dec 16, 1998
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    As a Pistons fan, it's difficult for me to get excited about the Darko pick. No one's really seen him play in a meaningful game. I hope he's as good as all the hype, and that Detroit will not regret passing on Carmelo Anthony. Drafting teenagers is a risky proposition anyway.

    ESPN's grading of the draft is useless. They gave 10 teams an A of some type, 9 teams a B, 8 teams a C, and two incompletes. So, nobody had a bad draft?
  6. JasonK

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    May 10, 2000
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    The local media (Milwaukee) have been critical of the Bucks draft. TJ Ford is too small is the general consensus.

    But, I'm glad they went with Ford. The last few 'bigs' the Bucks have drafted (Pryzbilla, Traylor, etc.) have not panned out. And they have enough 'tweeners' already - Tim Thomas, Michael Redd, Marcus Haislip, and Desmond Mason.
    The other PG available was Reece Gaines.

    I'm not sure what to make of the Sam Cassell trade though. The Bucks get Joe Smith, who's better than Caffey and A. Mason have been anyway.

    Plus, they get Anthony Peeler. When they dump Peeler 4 million dollars comes off their books, allowing flexibility to re-sign the Glove.

    At least, I hope that's their thinking. Having Ford play behind Payton could be beneficial to Ford, if Gary doesn't frighten Ford too much.

    And then there's the whole Jordan buying the Bucks rumors. Different people are reporting that Jordan was in charge of the draft and the Cassell trade, others are saying he had nothing to do with either.

    It's an interesting time to be a Bucks fan.
  7. JamieD

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    Apr 5, 2002
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    I couldn't believe the Carl English dropoff. I don't know why he'd drop so far, to not even drafted.. or the reasons I do know I don't want to believe.

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