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Scott Wong

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Oct 30, 1999
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Scott Wong
MTV has still yet to resume normal programming. (thank god...) Instead, for the last week and up until next week Monday, they have actually been playing 24 hours of music videos. There is a God. *LOL*
Anyway, I've been taking advantage of this and watching quite a bit of MTV. I've noticed so many new videos in widescreen aspect ratios. i.e., I saw a new DMX video last night "We Right Here" in an aspect ratio of approx. 1.85:1. Jay-Z's video for "Big Pimpin'" looks to be formatted with an aspect ratio of approx. 2.35:1. The new video that Mary J. Blige has yet also looks to have an aspect ratio of approx. 1.85:1.
Does anyone know if these videos are actually formatted properly and shot with their proper respective aspect ratios? Music videos could be another means of helping the ignorant understand why widescreen is better.
Just a thought...
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Ken Seeber

Supporting Actor
Nov 5, 1999
I have two comments to make about this.
First, widescreen isn't in and of itself "better." What's important is that a film or television show be presented in the aspect ratio it was composed for. If a video is shot in 4:3, then it will look best in 4:3. I would agree, though, that the more images people see on TV in widescreen, the less they are likely to complain about it.
Second, believe it or not, widescreen music videos are nothing new. In fact, MTV is the first place I ever saw letterboxed images. Right from the very beginning of the channel, a lot of directors shot in the 2.35:1 format (although I didn't start seeing much 1.85:1 until recently). I distinctly remember Duran Duran and Billy Idol videos in 2.35:1 from the early 1980s.

Tim H

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2001
If I recall correctly, Duran Duran's "The Reflex" video was in 2.35:1. I remember my dad wanting to adjust my TV when it was on. I just laughed and said it was supposed to look like that.

Graeme Clark

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Jan 5, 2000
Aparently black bars for a 15 second to 4 minute spot (TV Commercial or music video) is cool and for an hour and a half is annoying. If it's done for a video, its for an effect, if its done on a movie, its to gyp you out of seening the whole picture.
Go figure.
And even though OAR is most important, I would have to agree that wider is better.
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