Momitsu V880 a Lite On 2001 w/ DVI?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Eric_Connelly, Jan 24, 2004.

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    My boss and I were talking about my Lite On 2001 and its upscaling features. He did some searching and found the Momitsu V880 which seems to be identical to the 2001 but with DVI and some more scaling options.

    I'm assuming my GW Sony 60" native display is 1080i, 1366x768, they mention this res specifically with the Momitsu, I'm assuming that is the same native 16:9 res on the Lite On also.

    The firmware needs some work and it seems to be going through the same set of fixes at the Lite On but the reviews seem pretty decent. It needs some work, you have to cut the powercord and put on a new one in order to get it to work in a US plug but it seems to solve one of the things missing on the Lite On which is DVI.

    Here is a link to a review:

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    Here is a link to a US company that sells the V880 with a US warranty and US power cord. Cost is $247 plus shipping. Out of stock until the end of the month.

    Because I have a LiteOn, I also spent some time looking into the Momitsu and it seems to have more quality issues than the LiteOn, but image quality is likely similar to that of the LiteOn with the added benefit of having DVI and being able to set custom resolutions.

    A new firmware for the V880 is supposed to be coming out within a week or so, and apparently some of the quality issues have been addressed by Momitsu with the newest build.

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